So excited. The new TV season is here!

Enough with the reruns, and the waiting. It’s time for new episodes AND new shows. Now, at the beginning of the summer, I decided that I was going to seriously pare down the list of shows I watch. Cut a few for good, get to a respectable (clearly, this is a relative term) number, and then STICK to said number: if I wanted to add a new show, I had to cut one, to keep things even. It seemed like a very responsible method, at the time. But then….summer happened. And I kind of got all distracted with the Tour, and making deviled eggs, and now I find myself on the day everything starts up again with no respectable number. In fact, I’m scared to even list all the shows I’m currently watching, as, if anything, I’ve added stuff this summer, rather than paring down. (See: House, Grey’s Anatomy, Veronica Mars. Whoops!)

And the thing is, from what I’ve read, there are some good new shows this fall. Like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, which premieres tonight. First, it has Matthew Perry, the Chan-Chan man. (Although I know he does NOT want to be called that. I could not resist, though.) Also, it was created by Aaron Sorkin, who did the West Wing, a show I never watched but heard so much about. So I had to add that. Also, there’s Ugly Betty which premieres (edit: next Thursday, thanks for the correction!) and has gotten great reviews, has America Ferrara AND is produced by Salma Hayek. Hello!

Okay, so that’s two new shows. Then Grey’s Anatomy premieres on Thursday, although I won’t be watching it yet, because I am only five episodes into the second season on DVD and TRYING to pace myself. (Hard to do. I was only going to watch one or two this weekend, remember?) Gilmore Girls is back next Tuesday, Veronica Mars we have to wait until Oct 3rd. Meanwhile, the Tivo will be filling up fast with all the CSI shows that my husband watches, which all premiere this week as well. Plus, there’s Oprah, which starts up with new episodes today. And that’s not even counting Project Runway, which still has a few weeks to go. (Spoiler alert: if you want a peek at the final four’s collections that were shown at Fashion Week, go here. You’lll have to scroll down a bit, but the whole blog is hilarious, so it’s worth it.)

So clearly, with all this activity, SOMETHING has got to go. I mean, I do have a life, or so I like to think. So…I’m done with America’s Next Top Model. I’ve already dumped Laguna Beach—that counts, right? Oh, it has to—so that’s two. And maybe Oprah doesn’t have to count, since I usually only watch it WHILE I’m doing something productive, like cooking dinner or cleaning the house. So that’s three. Sort of.


Clearly, this is not going to be easy. These things take time! And for those of you who are at this moment rolling your eyes, thinking “Enough about television! I don’t even watch it!” (and good for you, if this is the case) then never fear, as tomorrow’s entry will be all about…books and readings. Which will hopefully redeem me somewhat, if not entirely, for this one. Fingers crossed!

have a good day, everyone!
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