Last entry for a little while, as I’m headed out of town for a wedding and then a few days of vacation. Despite all the running around, packing, dog details and general chaos of leavetaking, I am REALLY excited about having a few days away, because this wedding is going to be fun: number one, it’s on the beach. Number two, it’s casual dress. And when I say casual, I mean casual. As my friend Kelly, the bride, explained: “My dad, who is walking me down the aisle, will be wearing shorts.” Yess! Truthfully, I don’t mind getting dressed up all that much—so girlie, I know—but my husband hates it, so I’m happy for him. He would have worn shorts to our wedding, if I’d allowed it (I did not). So I’m thinking sundress and flipflops, perfect for enjoying this last little gasp of summer. (Or not: I think they just said on GMA that fall officially starts this afternoon. Oh, well.) Then it’s more time at the beach, where I intend to immerse myself in swimming, reading the stack of books I’m hauling down with me, and eating as many shrimp burgers as possible. I can’t wait.

Also, I’ll be watching Grey’s Anatomy, as I have about 22 episodes from last season to get through in order to be caught up when I get back. I know the premiere was last night, everyone was talking about it—the same people who gasp when I say I haven’t watched last season yet—and I am ready to be right there with the rest of world, watching As It Happens. Sure, it’s a lot of hours of DVDs to watch. But I think I am up to the challenge. Of course, I’ll have to take a break on Tuesday night, for the premiere of Gilmore Girls (finally!) and then get back, get caught up on everything on the Tivo, and then start counting the days until NEXT Tuesday, when GG and Veronica Mars come on back to back. That’s when I’ll KNOW it’s really fall.

Really, though, the proof comes before that. The last couple of years, we’ve had gorgeous weather at the beach, full-on summer feeling. Then we have to leave, and pack up all our stuff, pile into the car and head back. I swear it’s like the seasons change with us as we head back west, more leaves falling, air getting cooler and crisper. It always makes me a little sad, so to compensate, I always try to stop at one of those farm stands along the way, and buy a pumpkin, some pretty mums for the front steps. It’s not the same as sunglasses and shrimpburgers, but that’s all right. It’ll do me just fine.

Finally, on a totally personal note, I just want to publicly commend my friend Courtney, who, as of today, has been cigarette-free for a full week. YOU GO, COURTNEY! STAY STRONG! YOU CAN DO IT! (If you’re struggling with something, feel free to apply this to whatever it is you’re going through, inserting your name/issue where appropriate.) Quitting smoking is HARD, which is why you should never start in the first place, if you can help it. When I quit, I cried the first nine days, I wanted a cigarette so bad. But it gets better. SO HANG IN THERE! PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK! BUY YOURSELF A LITTLE PERFORMANCE BONUS! BE PROUD OF WHAT YOU’VE DONE SO FAR!

Okay. Enough with the cheerleading. Have a good week everyone!
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