Greetings from the coast of North Carolina, where I am halfway through my vacation. Good a time as any, I figured, for a quick update. So here we go, by the numbers:

Number of shrimp burgers, thus far: 1. Although I may have to remedy that today. If you’ve never had a real shrimp burger—fried shrimp, cocktail sauce, cole slaw, all on a bun—-you are seriously missing out. I only eat them down here, every year, so I have to get a few in to last me. Onion rings go pretty well with them, I’ve found. Yum!

Number of speeding tickets received: 1. I know! TWENTY years of driving (!) and I’d never even been pulled over, but sure enough, the other day my friend Dana and I were coming back from shopping, gabbing away, when the speed limit dropped from 45 to 35 and I didn’t notice. I tried to tell the cop that I was driving my husband’s truck, which I’m totally not used to, but he was having none of it. So I got a ticket. I can’t even believe it, still. Honestly. Talk about a vacation bummer. All the more reason to eat more shrimp burgers, I guess.

Number of pairs of Crocs purchased: 1. Okay, I know I said I just didn’t get the whole Croc thing, but that was before I was here, and found out how perfect they are for the hot sand and walking on the beach. So I joined the masses. Just in time for them to totally go out of style. In fact, they probably already have. But oh, well.

Number of Gilmore Girls premieres watched: 0. Yes, you read that right. The cable company down here DOES NOT CARRY the CW. Can you even believe this? There’s FitTV, and an entire channel devoted to what appears to be nothing but reruns of Extreme Makeover, but no Gilmore. Thankfully, my Tivo at home was set, so I’ll get to watch it when I get back. No spoilers, okay? I’ve already read enough online. At least they carry Bravo, so I’ll be able to catch Project Runway. Thank Goodness!

Number of Grey’s Anatomy episodes watched on DVD: at least ten. I am so hooked on this show. It’s sick. I have also discovered this crazy show called Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel that Bianca told me about but I’d never actually seen. Also completely addictive. I’d link to info about it but….

Number of wireless connections: 0. At least here where I’m staying. So if you’re reading this, it means I somehow found one. Maybe on the way to get that shrimp burger?

I hope you all are having a great week, full of noteworthy events and numbers of your own. Have a good day, everyone!