I’m off in a hurry this morning, and already running late (how does this HAPPEN?). So, in the interest of time, a quick entry, all TV related (sorry, intellectuals! I’ll get you tomorrow, I promise!):

1. Gilmore Girls: So far, I’d say it’s all right. Very good in places. But it is still, to me anyway, Sherman-Palladino lacking, in both dialogue and story ideas. You just notice that there’s not the same spark and zip. BUT I did love the Lane subplot, which I think Amy S-P would approve of, and I knew they were going to have to split up L&L, so I’m not holding that against them. For now, I’m taking a hopeful wait and see attitude. Fingers crossed!

2. Veronica Mars: Loved it. BUT I was worried that first-timers, tuning in and not knowing any of the history, might have been confused, especially with the whole Kendall thing. I know they weren’t going to do a totally dumbed down episode, not incorporating any of the backstory, but I just hope that anyone who did tune and then had the occasional “Huh?” moment will hang in, as all will be clear eventually. And, as was helpfully suggested here, if you DO want to know what’s already happened, check out Mars Investigations, the best.site.ever. Also, Logan’s new hair, in the CW promos? A little crazy. What’s with the bangs? Is everyone going Clay Aiken on us? Also, I noticed that Veronica was a little more glammed up than usual, hair and wardrobe-wise. Maybe this is a CW thing? My feeling is, if you look as good in a hoodie and cargos as Kristen Bell does, then why mess with what works? But maybe that’s just me.

3.Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: I love this show. I am also seriously behind, only halfway through the second episode with the third on deck, but it’s just really clever and Matthew Perry is great. I was not a big fan of The West Wing, and only watched a couple of episodes of Sports Night, but this one, I will definitely stick with. Once I’m caught up.

4. Grey’s Anatomy: I AM caught up, finally, and so far very happy with the new season. I loved the way the last episode ended, in the hotel room, and must now admit a bit of an obsession with Patrick Dempsey. (Join the club, I know, I know.) The last thing I thought I’d ever be into was a hospital show, as I am totally squeamish about sickness and death, but oh well. I’m in. Completely. God help me.

5. Project Runway: I haven’t yet watched the reunion show (I was out last night) but did see on the internet yesterday something about Laura accusing Jeffrey of cheating during his runway show. Is this true? Everything I’ve heard, from EW to other places, has big money on Jeffrey taking the whole thing, so if it IS true, this certainly complicates things. Hmmm. The bigger question is, what am I going to do once this show is over? It’s become a bit of a McAddiction, to use Grey’s speak.

6. The View: (yes, I read the comments!): I love Rosie on this show. Part of the fun, I think, is watching how hard it is for her to not dominate everything. At the same time, I have to say that whenever anyone else is talking, I’m still watching her to see how she’s reacting. And the debate between her and Elizabeth the other day, about gun control? Priceless. Rosie, bless her heart, is just Rosie. Roll on, girl!

Speaking of rolling, I’m now officially late. I think I need to start getting up earlier. Which would mean watching less TV. Hmmm. I’m seeing a connection here….

have a good day, everyone!
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