Yesterday, the National Book Award Nominees were announced, and what does it mean that I haven’t heard of ONE of the books picked for Fiction? Clearly, I am out of the loop. On the flip side, I am SO happy for M.T. Anderson, whose newest book was nominated in the Young People’s Literature category. We were both nominated for an LA Times Book Award back in 2003 (he won) and we did a panel together: he’s funny and smart and just great so I will be crossing my fingers for him come November when they announce the winners. In the meantime, I will try to educate myself better on the nominees. I mean, I didn’t recognize ONE book! What’s that all about?


And now, on a totally different note: the North Carolina State Fair begins tomorrow. It has become a tradition on this blog, this time of year, for me to basically freak out about some new midway food concoction, and this year is no different. For your eating pleasure—or supreme displeasure—I give you: fried Coca-Cola. Yep, you read that right. Now, this article is about the Texas State Fair, but a quick Google search proved that this has been a newsworthy story at fairs all over the country (which is how I first heard of it, on my local news this morning). Do we really need a fried soft drink dessert? No. But we didn’t need fried Oreos, or Mars Bars, either. And it’s not just about State Fairs, either: have you seen those commercials for TGI Fridays, where they are now offering fried green beans and—wait for it—fried macaroni and cheese? I know I sound just like the person they make fun of in the commercial, who is “not ready,” but people: this is WRONG. I love macaroni and cheese. Along with mashed potatoes, it’s pretty much my number one comfort food. But it’s also not some great paragon on nutrition, even on its best day, but to fry it takes things to a whole other level. And you don’t need to fry green beans! You shouldn’t! They’re crispy and good and good for you, if you only steam them! Trust me!

*sighs again*

I know what you’re saying. It’s the Fair, it’s once a year. Or it’s Fridays, when you’re out to eat. It’s not like I’m making these things at HOME. (Yet.) But where does this all end? Fried vitamins? Fried water? It’s a slippery slope. But then again, so is standing up here on this soapbox, especially considering I ate two mini-cupcakes last night, which was not exactly healthy either. Maybe I should just pipe down and look for another kind of nutrition, like those books I hadn’t heard of. That’s real brain food. Right?

have a good day, everyone!
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