Today is Friday the 13th, and I’m sitting here wondering how freaked out I should be. The truth is, I AM superstitious, but it’s more of the well-it-can’t-hurt variety. Like, I’ll avoid walking under a ladder, or opening an umbrella inside, because why tempt fate? Especially when such things can be avoided. Lately, though—and maybe because not doing so means I can’t leave the house today—I’m more of the mind that superstitions are like chain letters. They only affect you if you really, truly believe in them. For instance, about a year an a half ago, I accompanied my cousin to the hospital, where she was going to undergo a pretty serious surgery. It was raining out, and she had an umbrella, which—as we walked through the lobby—she opened, then shook out before closing again. I gasped. “Don’t do that! It’s bad luck!” I told her, but she just shrugged. “I don’t believe in that,” she said. And you know what? Surgery went fine. Likewise my friend Lisa, whose little boy is having a medical procedure done today. “Are you nervous about the date?” I asked her. “Nope. Don’t believe in it,” she said. So there you go. I’ll go out today, and go about my business. It’s not like I can avoid the date the way I can a black cat, or breaking a mirror. Maybe thumbing my nose at those things are the next step. But for today, I’ll just start out slow.

In other news, I finally watched Project Runway last night (a day late) and I have to say I am kind of bothered with how they left things. If you’re not up to date, I’ll just tell you that there’s some controversy: Laura accused Jeffrey of not making his entire collection himself. Now, I like everyone in the final four. I think they’re ALL really good, and their styles unique, and equally deserving of the win. But something like this? It just leaves a bad taste. Is Jeffrey kind of full of himself? Maybe. Do I think he cheated? I don’t. I think he just worked really, really hard. And in the end, it shouldn’t be about petty things like jealousy or paranoia but about the work, the work, the work. And I think it kind of stinks that his collection is already sort of tainted, before he’s even had a chance to show it. (For another perspective, go here.)

Wait. I’m defending Jeffrey? And he was so mean during the Mom challenge! It must be that it’s Friday the 13th. That’s my excuse, anyway. Of course, now that I’ve said I don’t believe in that kind of stuff, I’ll probably step outside and immediately have a tree fall on me. So maybe that’s tempting fate as well? Denying it altogether? Maybe I should state out loud I believe, and then just privately thumb my nose? Or not thumb my nose at all?


God, I’m neurotic. It’s a wonder I leave the house on ANY day. Honestly.

have a great weekend, everyone!
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