This made my day yesterday. Thank you to Kelli, for taking the time to do this and making me laugh when I was feeling low and really needed it. Much appreciated!

I’m still not quite feeling up to full strength, but as I said yesterday, Project Runway CANNOT wait. Tonight is the finale. Who will win? I can’t even say. Last season I had a favorite and the person I was pretty sure would win (Chloe and Daniel V, respectively) and then Chloe won, which was fabulous. This time….I want Michael to win, but I think it will be Jeffrey. I think he’ll be cleared from the cheating stuff early in the show, wow the judges, and walk with the big prize. Could I be wrong? Absolutely. (See: every Top Model prediction I’ve ever made.) What’s really weird about PR, though, is that I do like EVERYONE. I think any one of the four could win and it would be deserved. The only real loser is me, because after tonight who knows how long we have to wait for another season and more of Tim Gunn. Hopefully not too long.

Speaking of things being over, we’re getting to that point where new shows are starting to get canceled, and others are predicted to be about to get cut. I keep hearing that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip isn’t doing well, performing up to expectations, and let me just say this: if this show gets cut, I will completely freak out. It is SO GOOD. It would be a CRIME to yank a show like this, when so many crappy ones (and yes, I’m including those that I watch) get to stay. The one from Monday night was, in my mind, the best yet. It just keeps improving. Yes, it’s a busy show, with a lot of dialogue and stuff happening, and if you came in late it might be a little hard to follow but STILL. It’s quality.

Likewise Veronica Mars, which I can only hope is holding onto viewers from Gilmore Girls. I got a little nervous last night, when it seemed like they were going to break up Veronica and Logan AGAIN, which would just be mean. I know they need conflict, and yearning, and all that but….I love a happy ending. Especially when I’m feeling down. So thank you, Rob Thomas, for that. Between it, McDreamy and the PR finale I think I may just be feeling back to normal pretty soon. Here’s hoping.

have a good day, everyone!
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