(Note: if you haven’t watched the PR finale yet, don’t read this! You have been warned.)

So…I was right!


This never happens. Maybe it means my week is looking up? We can only hope.

I have to say, I was REALLY surprised by Uli’s collection last night. I think she could have taken the whole thing, even after I (and many others) kind of wrote her off as only being able to do one kind of design. In the end, though, I was pleased by Jeffrey’s win, even if he’s still not my very favorite person ever. All in all, great season, great finalists, love love love Tim Gunn (especially when he put his fingers to his lips and said, so calmly in that nice, even tone, “This is just thrilling.” The man is a master class in decorum, I swear). Anyway, now it’s over (sob!) but I’m hoping the next season isn’t too long off. January, maybe? February?

In other news, I am back on a very bad habit: dessert. Let me explain. When I was a kid, I LOVED sweets. I ate cookies by the boxful, Count Chocula for breakfast, Kit Kats for lunch. It was horrible, and I’m not proud. In college, I finally wised up and kicked my sugar habit, switching from donuts for breakfast to oatmeal and yogurt, and over the years I’ve managed to cut dessert out of my live pretty much altogether except for the occasional splurge. But this week, I have caved. Regressed. Monday night, under stress, I made a pan of walnut brownies, which I have ALREADY EATEN ALL BY MYSELF. Not only that, but I DID NOT WANT TO SHARE. I ate the LAST ONE WITH COMPANY IN MY HOUSE, FURTIVELY AND WITH SHAME. Clearly, this is a sign of a problem, and it’s got to stop. But for me dessert, like cigarettes and caffeine and breath mints, is a hard habit to kick once it’s got me in its grip again. I have to quit cold turkey, and then yearn and whine and struggle and man, am I not looking forward to that. But the only other option is going out and buying another brownie mix (which is what I really WANT to do) and that’s just not going to happen. So…it’s back to apples and sugar-free jello. Fun, fun, fun. I can eat these things while I pine for cakes and cookies and…Tim Gunn. Sigh. Oh, well. At least I was right. That counts for something. It has to!

have a good day, everyone!
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