There have been a lot of questions coming in lately through my website and this space, so I figured I’d devote an entry to trying to answer them. Also, the alternative was writing about how conflicted and depressed I feel about watching Breaking Bonaduce. Trust me, this is better.

Q: Are you working on another book? If so, what is it about and when will it be out?

A: Let me say first that this is a very flattering question. There was a time when NO ONE cared whether I was writing or not (except for maybe my mother) and so it’s always nice to know that people are out there eagerly anticipating. That said, I have to tell you that I am a slow worker. I’ve said this before here: I have false starts, rewrite a lot, and often chuck books once they’re finished because they just aren’t quite right. So it takes me awhile. I am writing now, but that’s about all I can tell you, as not only am I very slow but also uber-secretive (which I blame on writing my first novel in workshop in college, an experience that just didn’t work for me). I promise you this, though: the minute I have a book done and accepted for publication, I will post the news here. Until then, bear with me. These things take time!

Q: I’m doing a report on you and your books. Can you answer my questions? Provide insight into major themes? Give me some little bit of info to make my report stand out?

A: Again: this is super flattering. I’m thrilled that anyone would pick me or my novels to discuss or write about. However, due to the high number of requests I get, I just can’t answer individual questions for reports. If you need info, check out my website,, where you’ll find my take on the novels and where their stories came from, a FAQ page, and links to other articles. And if you’re looking for some quirky detail that hasn’t already been written about, I encourage you to read back a bit on this journal, where most likely you will find SOMETHING, even if it is just details of my Luke Perry obsession or how I can’t stop eating brownies. Still, it counts, right?

Q: If you spent less time on this blog, maybe you’d get more writing done.

A: Okay, so this isn’t a question as much as an observation. It’s like when when I was a kid and kind of scruffy and my grandmother (who I adored) used to sigh and say, “Your hair would just look so pretty if you’d brush it.” It’s like, what do you say? Maybe just, “Hmmm. That’s food for thought,” which is the best way, I’ve found, to take anything from anyone. The truth is, updating this blog takes me about twenty minutes or so each day. I do it while I drink my coffee, in the morning, during the waning minutes of GMA. I write in the afternoons, about three hours a day, give or take. The two do not overlap. So if I wasn’t writing this right now, I would be doing something else, sure. But it would most likely be surfing the internet, or unloading the dishwasher, or maybe watching my dogs run around the yard. All good things that don’t take away from my writing time either. There may come a time when I am too busy to update daily, as I do now, in which case I won’t. Until then, though, it’s twenty minutes and kind of fun and gives me an outlet to discuss TV and other things. So there you go.

Q: Is there going to be a movie of This Lullaby/Truth About Forever/Just Listen etc?

A: I have nothing new to report on this front, but still, anything is possible. Just Listen is still under option with a producer who has an interest in putting it on TV, and there is a good script of This Lullaby out there hoping for a home. Movie stuff is INCREDIBLY difficult, it takes forever for anything to happen, and then when it does nothing is ever guaranteed. Again, though, I’m just happy anyone’s interested, and you just never know. I never in a million years would have thought How to Deal would get made, and it did. So I remain hopeful yet realistic, which is a good mindset both for movies and life in general.

Q: I’ve been looking at your website and I think you need to dress better/grow out your eyebrows/pluck your eyebrows/cut your hair.

A: Hmmm. That’s food for thought. Also, not a question. I’m going to brush my hair now.

Q: Why haven’t you responded to my email/MySpace request/comment?

A: Now, this IS a matter of having time to write. I love to hear from people, but the truth is if I wrote every single person back I would never get ANYTHING done. I’d never even leave the house, much less get books written. Please know that I read every email, though, and every comment, and I’ll happily add you on MySpace, although I am way behind over there as it completely overwhelms me. I think I need a tutorial or something, especially on how you manage your friends. Why can’t everything be easy, like Livejournal?

So typical, that I’d end a series of questions with one of my own. But now, my twenty minutes is up, and the dishwasher needs unloading. But before I go, I just want to say again how much I appreciate all of you who come regularly and read this journal. I love your comments and insights, which make my writing life (which can be a little solitary) a bit less so. Thanks for all the support over this last year, for me and for Just Listen. It means more than you know.

have a good day, everyone!
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