Can I just say I wish I was more excited about Halloween?

I feel like, somehow, I have missed the boat on this holiday. When I was a kid, I loved Halloween, of course: what’s not to love? Candy, dressing up, candy, going out from house to house, candy. Then in high school and college, there was always a big party up on Franklin Street (though nothing like it is now, when tens of thousands of people show up) which was fun whether you were dressed up or not, and we usually weren’t. But now that those days are over, and we’re older, it’s like there’s been a return to dressing up and doing Halloween up big: it’s no longer just a kid thing, but an everyone thing. Go to the bank on that day, the tellers are dressed up. The grocery store, your cashier has on a witch hat. And on and on.

I understand this. I mean, it’s the one day a year when you can be someone else, or at least pretend to be. So why don’t I want to do it? I have no idea. But I am not compelled to dress up at all. I don’t even feel like carving a pumpkin. I know: serious spoilsport. I keep thinking that maybe if I had somewhere to go, a party or whatever, I’d feel differently, but honestly, I don’t think so. I just am not that creative when it comes to thinking up costumes. Which, for someone who makes a iving making things up, is just plain sad. So I’ll probably spend next Tuesday smiling at my witch cashier, and nodding at the teller dressed like Madonna, and then I’ll come home and watch the Veronica Mars Halloween-themed episode and think about everyone down on Franklin Street, dressed up and celebrating. Maybe eating some candy will put me in the spirit? Can’t hurt.

It could be that I’m not into Halloween because I have to save myself for Thanksgiving, which I LOVE. It’s an eating holiday! You don’t have to dress up (except to put on pants with a stretchable waistband. Or maybe that’s just me). Turkey, stuffing, pies, more turkey, more stuffing, more pies. No pressure to be creative (except when it comes to avoiding fraught topics with your relatives, but that’s part of the fun!). I guess, in the end, holidays are personal, and everyone’s different. Some people love Christmas: others, the Fourth of July. I’m not a Halloween person these days. This could change, in time. But until it does, I’ll be on the couch, celebrating in my own way, with mini Snickers. Candy. Candy. Candy!

have a good day, everyone!
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