Since I’m not feeling entirely cohesive today—it’s Friday, that’s my excuse—I’m not even going to try to do a normal entry. Instead, a random list:

1. Grey’s Anatomy: (what, you thought I would start with world politics?) Okay, I know that it’s a show, and fictional. But at the same time, how do I reconcile the character of Dr. Burke (whom I love) with the actions of the person who plays him? It’s a hard call, and something that’s hard to ignore while watching him on the show. It’s like how I can’t watch Tom Cruise movies anymore, because he’s just TOM CRUISE and I can’t see him as any other character, anything else. So weird. Also: reruns AlREADY? Okay, I know the World Series is on, but still. At least November sweeps aren’t too far off.

2. Gilmore Girls: Okay. So I’m willing to go along with the whole Lorelei-Christopher thing IF AND ONLY IF it leads back to a happy ending for her and Luke. If not, I’m going to be unhappy. And vocal about it.

3. Veronica Mars: Just Keeps Getting Better. Also: LOVING that Logan is finally getting some screen time and a subplot (with the OTHER Logan, no less!). Sigh. Now if the CW will only extend the number of episodes ordered, I can relax. And if they don’t: I’ll be unhappy. And vocal.

4. Studio 60: Still great, although the last episode I found to be a BIT schmaltzy, if I’m totally honest. Still, I am praying it doesn’t get canceled. I don’t think I realized how much I missed Matthew Perry until he was back in my life on a weekly basis.

5. Ugly Betty: The best surprise of the season. Loving it. Paired with Grey’s, it’s the perfect Thursday night.

6. Books: (What, you thought it was all going to be TV?) So I just finished Under the Banner of Heaven, by John Kraukauer, which is all about Mormon Fundamentalists, very interesting and compelling. Next I’m moving onto Interpreter of Maladies, which I have been saving, since I know it’s going to be great, followed by either Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance or Freddy and Fredericka, depending on my mood.

7. Six Feet Under (which is not TV, but DVD). We just started Season Four, and so far, it’s disturbing. By this point I’m entirely too attached to these characters, so I can’t stand it to see them screw up or be in pain or make the wrong choices. Which seems to be about all they are doing right now. Hopefully this will improve?

8. Crock pot recipes: You guys ROCK. I am so making mac and cheese this weekend. I am also going to attempt cornbread with corn in it. Can you just add corn to a corn muffin mix, or is that too easy? Something tells me it is. Anybody know?

9. Walnut brownies: still addicted. Is there a twelve-step group for this? If not, there should be. Meanwhile, I’m about to go preheat the oven. AGAIN.

10. Daylight savings time: I am DREADING turning the clocks back. Dark at five pm? A long, dark winter? God help me. Maybe it’s psychological, but I always get so down when the days get short. Maybe I need to buy one of those lightboxes. Or just make a point to be outside more when it is light. If anyone can provide a positive to the short days (less time to eat brownies?) I would love to hear it. Until then, I’m counting down until we move the clocks ahead again. Not too long until April, is it?

have a great weekend, everyone!
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