It is so pretty outside now, I swear it’s mind boggling.

Yes, I don’t like winter, and yes, I often lump fall into that dislike, because it LEADS to winter, but I have to say it: this fall is one of the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen. Right now, outside my window, the leaves are so bright in yellows and reds that they don’t even look real. I’d take a picture, but honestly, I don’t think it could even begin to do it justice. The other day I was driving home, the sun was out, the sky this brilliant blue, and a gust of wind suddenly blew across the road, sending all these bright yellow leaves swirling into the air above me. Okay, Nature, you win. I’m impressed. I think it’s all the more amazing if only because, like many beautiful things, I know it won’t last. You just want to stand out in it, soak it up, somehow find a way to keep it close during all those long, dark gray winter days.


Okay, that’s ENTIRELY too deep for a Monday. Moving on!

This weekend, my mother and I decided to recommence our weekend movie tradition, which we’d begun in the spring with high hopes, only to let dwindle and then fade out entirely. Back then, we were doing documentaries (March of the Penguins, Capturing the Friedmans) but since many of them, while very good, were also very depressing, we decided to expand into regular films as well. So I brought over A Prairie Home Companion, which I’d really wanted to see and knew my husband would not tolerate (he can’t even stand the radio show, so I didn’t even ask him). I thought it was good, albeit uneven: the music was great, Meryl Streep fantastic (when is she not, though?) and I loved the very Altman-ish overlapping of scenes and dialog, these little conversations that carry so much weight. But overall, the plot was kind of limp, and the ending a bit flat. Then again, I haven’t liked a lot of movies lately, so maybe it’s just me.

As I was watching it, though, I was distracted…by Lindsay Lohan. It was just like I was saying about the whole Dr. Burke thing on Friday: I could not just sit and see her as her character. All I could think, looking at her, was about the partying and the family issues and Wilmer and showing up late for work and everything else. And the thing is, I used to love Lindsay as an actress. Freaky Friday? Fantastic. Mean Girls? Even better. But somehow, between then and now, she’s just sort of become notorious to the point of it being an issue. I’m used to this with certain celebrities, like Tom Cruise, who I already mentioned, but also Jennifer Lopez (who I loved in Out of Sight, before I knew her as J. Lo) and Madonna (although I guess movies aren’t exactly her strong suit), Jennifer Aniston and many others. On the other hand, though, maybe I just have myself to blame. I mean, no one is forcing me to read US Weekly and go to on a regular basis. My mother, for example, had no idea who Lindsay was: I had to tell her. So maybe I’m compromising myself, movie-wise, by all this extraneous information. Yet another reason to consider cutting back on the celeb thing, along with a growing aversion to all the weight loss stories and kind of disturbing paparazzi shots. Worth considering, at any rate.

Okay, it’s just too pretty to be inside even for another minute. Gotta go enjoy this while it’s out there…

have a good day, everyone!
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