Good Morning America just informed me that the favorite trick or treat candy is….chocoloate. Well…duh. What did you expect people to pick? Fruit cocktail? Lima beans?

(The least favorite, in case you are interested: fruit and salty snacks. I’m assuming that’s separately, and not all balled up together. Because that sounds even worse than lima beans.)

So, yes, it’s Halloween, which—at least judging by the times they said “Happy Halloween!” on NPR this morning—has become a true, serious holiday in which tidings are required. As I said last week, I’m not that big into Halloween personally. In fact, this is the first year that I’ve had plans on Halloween for ages, and that’s just because we couldn’t do the bonfire we had scheduled for Saturday because the wind was blowing too hard. That would be a nice trick, right, burning the entire neighborhood down. Happy Halloween!

Anyway, the wind has now died down and we’re back on to burn a bunch of yard waste AND all the old bank statements and papers I have, for whatever reason, felt compelled to hold onto for entirely too long. I have two entire huge garbage bags full, and that’s probably not even all of it, the end result of this mad bunch of cleaning and cleaning out I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks. What can I say, I’m a packrat. It’s in my genes: my grandmother saved EVERYTHING, from old letters all the way down to rubber bands and tiny bits of string. So it’s been a challenge, for me, to give so much away, and toss so much else, but now I actually do feel…lighter. As there was a cumulative weight from all those old sweaters, and books I’d never read, and endless plastic containers with no lids piled up under my sink. I’m not saying my closet, or my pantry or my cupboards will stay neat forever. But for today, they are. And tonight, I’ll toss all those old papers on the fire and hopefully, that’s the end of it. End of the month, end of the cleaning. Bring on a beginning, whatever it may be.

EEEEEK! Talk about spooky: I just had to PICK UP a daddy longlegs spider to rescue him from Coco and deposit him outside.

*deep breath*

That’s enough Halloween-ness for me, thank you. I think it may be time for candy now.

Before I go, something a bit more cheering. I’d seen this clip before, as I’m sure MANY of you have, and many more still because the guy was on Oprah yesterday. But in case you have not, and feel like indulging your sappy bone, here it is. No tricks, no treats. Just free hugs.

have a good day, everyone!
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