Hello and Happy Friday. Where did the week go? (Not that I’m complaining: just asking.)

First things first: corn bake. People have asked for a definition, and all I can say is it’s like cornbread, but with more stuff in it. The kind we had, which my friend Dana makes, I believe consists of corn muffin mix, eggs, corn, green peppers and onions and cheese. You can also add sour cream on top, although she skips that part. (Probably wise, when you’re pairing it with cheetos, hot dogs and mac and cheese, as we did the other night.) It’s not crumbly like cornbread, a bit thicker, and so, so good. I’ll try to get her recipe and post it up here, if anyone’s interested.

Also in the comments yesterday, I got a reminder that on Nov. 7th, this coming Tuesday, a wondrous thing will occur (no, not the elections: more on that later): 90210 is coming to DVD. It’s just the first season, which begins with the pilot (different Walsh house! deeper subtext on the class discrepancies at West Beverly! LOTS of acid washed denim!) and, I believe, ends with the episode where it looks like the Walshes will be returning to Minnesota and leaving everyone behind. I don’t think this includes the summer episodes that followed, which were FANTASTIC. Did those count as a second season? Or part of the first? Rabid fans want to know.

Speaking of the seventh, yes, it is election day. So not only are we now being bombarded by tons of ugly campaign ads (“So and so didn’t pay their taxes!” “So and So has no morals! etc.) but phone calls as well: I swear, every night around dinner, we get three or four automated calls, telling us to vote for one person or another. It’s like they’ve realized how much we HATE these interruptions, so they’re not even using real people anymore, just inflicting a recording instead. It is SO ANNOYING. I got us onto the Do Not Call list years ago, so we usually don’t get this kind of stuff anymore, which makes it even more of a pain the butt. Of course they’re all making tons of promises to get elected, but what I really want is the phone numbers for all these candidates. Then, once the election is done, I would sit down and call each of them, right around 6pm, for a week or so. Just, you know, to chat. Maybe I’d talk to them about 90210 coming out on DVD. Or cornbake. Whatever it takes to reclaim those moments I lost, and am losing, this week. Fair is fair, right? I wish.


have a good day, everyone!
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