That’s all I have to say about Gilmore Girls last night. I know that Luke has to move on, but frankly, I was just not ready for it to be with that woman. I mean, Lorelei’s kind of nutty too, but in a good way. The way we all are. And by we I mean…me, I guess.

I know a lot of people have given up on Gilmore Girls, that they defected with Amy Sherman-Palladino, and I understand why. It is a different show now, with a different rhythm. (For more on that, check out this really good article in the NY Times that my dad emailed me. Does he know me or what?) But as regular readers of this space know, if I like a show, I hang on. I’m always watching LONG after everyone else has jumped ship: I watched 90210 through EVERY SINGLE SEASON, even when my friends were saying, “Is that show even still on?” It was. Maybe I was the only one watching, the lone viewer. But I was there, and I’ll be here too, turning the lights out when it’s all said and done. You’re welcome.

(Speaking of 9er, I have not yet gone out to buy the first season on DVD. I’m waiting to see how long I can resist. It’s a challenge!)

In other news, it’s been a bad couple of weeks for celebrity marriages. First Reese and Ryan (which made me REALLY sad) and now Britney and Kevin (a little less so, if I’m honest). The fact that they just turned away from election coverage on GMA to do a piece on Britney’s divorce speaks volumes about the state of news in the country. Major national event in progress, but yet we MUST still get the details of the pre-nup. Then again, if the election wasn’t happening, it would be top story every channel, I guarantee you. So I guess we should be grateful.

Let’s face it, marriage is hard. Just ask my husband. (Ba-dum-bum! Thank you, I’ll be here all week.) Really, though, it’s tough to be in a committed long term relationship of ANY kind, much less in front of the paparazzi and the world. Can you imagine if every stupid fight YOU had about the remote or who needs to clean the bathroom was slapped across the cover of US Weekly, or on some internet gossip site? I shudder to think. At any rate, I’m hoping for good things for Britney. Of course I don’t know her, no matter how much I read about her, but she’s young and I bet she bounces back big, and better than ever. And even if she doesn’t, I’ll stick by her, because I’m loyal that way. Me, Gilmore and Britney. We’ll turn the lights out when we go.

have a good day, everyone!
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