Reason number 12,567 that I love Entertainment Weekly? Because otherwise, I wouldn”t know that Jack Coleman is on Heroes, playing a character named Mr. Bennett. And this is big news.

Why? Because I know Jack Coleman. Okay, I don’t really KNOW him per se, but I did meet him once, when I was in middle school and he was on Dynasty, playing Steven Carrington (the second Steven Carrington, replacing someone else. I believe the storyline was there was a fire, and there were bandages involved, but I can’t remember exactly). His family vacations in the same place that mine does on Cape Cod, an area so populated with my extended family that we just call everyone cousin to keep things simple. But technically, he is not my cousin, although when I was thirteen and he was on Dynasty I WISHED he was. Anyway, I remember having one talk with him back then, during which I was completely nervous and idiotic—he was very charming, and pretended not to notice—and later, when I found out that my dance teacher LOVED Dynasty, I wrote and asked him for a picture for her, which he sent, autographed. For a day, in ninth grade, I was cool. Too bad it didn’t last. Also, someone stole the picture out of her classroom before the day was even over, but whatever. My point is, I met him, he was nice to me, we have a (quasi) family connection, and now he’s on one of the hottest new shows on TV. Which I would not have even KNOWN if not for EW, the best magazine ever.

(I actually have a REAL cousin on TV, Adam Savage, who is on Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel. Our grandmothers were sisters. This is a MUCH easier connection to trace that with most of my cousins, of which I have TONS. Usually it requires family trees and flow charts and scratch paper to figure out, “Oh, we’re third cousins, twice removed, by marriage.” But we often give up long before that.)

Flow charts aside, I’ve always loved that I have such a big family. It’s a great thing. First, there’s always somebody that remembers the same things you do, even if your recollections vary a bit. Also, when you travel, you can usually find a couch to crash on, or someone to go to dinner with. And if you’re me, you’ll find yourself in a strange city, getting up in front of a bunch of people, and then, suddenly, off to the side, is a familiar face. We might have all come from different places, grown up in different places, but some things we will always have in common. Even if it does sometimes take a while to prove it on paper.

I wonder what else I can learn from EW this week? Hmmmm….

have a good day, everyone!
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