This weekend I was at Starbucks, buying a gift card for someone, and the machine they use to validate it wasn’t working. Now, this wasn’t a REAL Starbucks: it was one of those mini ones, tucked into the side of a supermarket. They have a few tables set up, which is always so odd to me, because who really wants to hang out between the deli and the floral section? You can drink all the mochas you want, but you’re still in a grocery store. But I digress.

So I’m standing there, the machine is rejecting the gift card, and it’s taking forever. Finally, as we’re waiting for it to respond yet again, the guys sighs and looks up at me. I’m thinking he’s going to throw in the towel, tell me it’s just not happening, but instead he says, “So what do you think about hearing Christmas music on the radio already? Crazy, isn’t it?”

It was so out of the blue that I was completely taken by surprise. Finally I said, “It is crazy. It’s WRONG,” and he sighed and nodded. And then tried the machine again. End of conversation. Which I thought was just so funny, later, thinking that this just been on his mind, all day, circling and bugging him, but he couldn’t say it because he’s too busy making venti mochas and decaf lattes. But then, finally, during my difficult transaction, he finally gets a chance to voice it. I was just glad to be there for him.

It is true about the Christmas music thing, though. One of the local stations around here switches to all holiday music, all the time in the period leading up to Christmas every year, and this year it started the earliest yet, on November 1st. Do we really need holiday music for two months? My answer (and the Starbucks guy’s) would be no. But then, that’s just us. Clearly, there is an audience for this. But it makes me grateful, yet again, for XM radio, which is pretty much the only radio I ever listen to anymore. They have holiday channels too, but I can avoid them, flipping past to all Frank Sinatra, or to Oprah and friends, which calms and soothes the stress that I feel thinking about the holidays before Thanksgiving, or even to the Starbucks channel which I love despite the fact that I’m being shamelessly marketed to. I love what they play: I should have told the Starbucks guy about that. But then again, shouldn’t he already know?

Another way to unwind? Watching compiliations of best moments from one of your favorite shows. Thanks to the person that pointed me to this collection of Logan and Veronica’s greatest hits, set to music, no less:

And no Jingle Bells either. Yet, anyway.

have a good day, everyone!
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