Lately, I have two obsessions, one old, one new: Carolina Basketball and my Google Home page.

First up, basketball. While the big matchups don’t start up until January or so—and by big I mean within our conference—the season officially begins tonight. I have pretty much been obsessed with UNC Basketball all my life. It’s just part of growing up here, along with playing Rainbow Soccer and surviving Chapel Hill High School. (Or CHHS and East Chapel Hill, these days. When I was here, there was only one high school, which was either really good (you got to know everybody!) or really bad (you got to know everybody.) In these last few years, basketball has also become one thing that makes the winter months that much more bearable for me. Yes, it’s cold, and yes, it gets dark way too early, but at least we have the games to entertain us IN said cold and dark.

We have a good team this year. In fact, we’ve been ranked very high pre-season, which I must admit makes me nervous. I don’t like the pressure of us (and I always refer to the UNC team as Us, or We, as if I am expecting to be put in to any game at any moment) being held to some high standard, especially so early in the season. I have always felt that you can never underestimate the power of being underestimated. I mean, I don’t want everyone to write us off before the season even starts as hopeless, but when people have such high expectations it’s like you can’t help but disappoint. But whatever happens, I will be watching, cheering, biting my nails, entirely too invested, as if I MIGHT be put in the game at any moment. College basketball is the only sport I care about—the Tour I like, but it’s not the same—and I conserve all my energy, all year, to be ready for it. And I am.

(And by the way, if you’re not a big fan of winter, or need something exciting in your life, and do not already love college basketball or have a team affiliation, may I suggest The UNC Tar Heels? They (we?) might be good for what ails you. Unless, of course, you are a Duke fan, in which case at this moment you are rolling your eyes, gritting your teeth, and wishing I’d move on. So I will.)

To…Google Homepage. Now, I’m a Google person, I’ll admit it. I love my gmail account the same way I do Tivo and Netflix and XM radio, i.e. I want to tell everyone else about it, and convert them as well. But Google Homepage is especially fun, particularly if you’re a total organization nerd like I am. Basically, it’s a page you can set up with links to all your favorite things—email, news, stock ticker, whatever. (I know Yahoo and AOL have their own versions. But again, I love Google.) Anyway, there’s tons of content: mine has my horoscope, CNN, movie listings and times, a Magic Eight Ball (for those indecisive moments) a To Do list (for those productive moments) a lunar phase calendar (for those..lunar moments?). I cannot tell you how much time I have wasted just moving things around and adding to this. You can even get recipes! And Buddhist quotes! It’s completely addictive. Now, all I need is a link to constant updates about UNC basketball, and I’ll be all set. Hmmm.

have a good day, everyone!
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