Because you asked: a TV entry. (Okay, not everyone asked. But I DO want to discuss!)

I am feeling very torn about Gilmore. I have never been a big Christopher fan, but I think the writers have been doing the best they can do win folks like me over. Like, Luke having very little in terms of plotlines, so we aren’t thinking about him all the time. And Paris. I mean, Paris! (This from a person whose never been there—yet—but whatever.) All in all, I thought the episode was very sweet, although I still can’t believe they got married. And sweetness and major European cities aside, I don’t think it will last, or that it’s meant to. I think it’s all being set up to bring Luke and Lorelei back together, just in time for May sweeps. Do I resent being manipulated this way? Not really. I understand that it’s just what they have to do. Everyone knows that when romantic tension turns to actual couplehood that things, at least on TV, get boring. I mean, there’s a reason all those great love stories end with a kiss and walking off into the sunset, because what comes next? Picking up socks and bickering over the grocery shopping. It’s hard to make that look romantic.

That said, I have to give credit yet again to Veronica Mars, a show which is bucking this convention, as it bucks so many others. I was fully expecting Logan and Veronica to split up as soon as the season started, actually the minute Wallace was assigned a cute roommate. And now that I’ve written this, they probably will, but even so, I have to say that thus far I’ve really admired how they HAVE kept them together while still showing the difficulties of adjusting to being at college together. They could have taken the easy way out, but they didn’t. At least not yet. And that is admirable. But then again, so is this show.

Before I go out into the rain—it’s pouring here–a few quick recommendations. First, I just raced through Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects, which was spooky and strange and great. I’m not much of a thriller reader, but this was a REALLY good one. Then, last night, I watched Thin on HBO, a documentary about eating disorders. Now, I did a lot of reading on ED before I wrote Just Listen, because of Whitney’s plotline, so I know a bit about anorexia, but this was a REALLY powerful film. Yikes. It’s compelling and disturbing and not chock full of happy endings, but required viewing, I think, in terms of the way some women and girls process the messages they receive about their bodies. Not for the faint of heart. But really worth your time.

have a good day, everyone!
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