Greetings from Nashville, where I am having entirely too much fun at the NCTE conference. This is despite staying at the Opryland, a place which is as enormous and confusing as ever. Then again, EVERYONE is stumbling around, map in hand, so at least it’s not just me. Highlight thus far? Checking into my room Friday and spending a full five minutes looking for the bed before realizing I had to pull it out of the wall. (Did I mention this place is confusing?)

More on that, plus recaps of my wild times with John Green, Cecil Castelucci and others, once I’m home and not updating via the tiny keyboard on my phone. Talk about confusing. I think I’m too old for this. Maybe I should look for a carrier pigeon or something. They have a good sense of direction too, right? Maybe it could also help me find the elevator. Hmmm.

have a good day everyone!