Today it is windy, cold, and raining like crazy here, the kind of weather that just makes you want to pull the blankets up over your head and stay in bed. However, a lot of people don’t have that option. In fact, today is the busiest travel day of the year, and if you are flying today all I can say is…I feel for you. Best to arrive at the airport with a good attitude, as well as all your gels and liquids in a ziplock bag. And two hours early. Difficult, I know, but just think: once you get where you’re going, there’s family and food and parades to watch on TV and lots of football. So it will be worth it.

Personally, I’m sticking close to home this year, as I do most years. We’ll be eating two Thanksgiving dinners within about four hours of each other, which I have found requires planning and perfect execution. You can’t go heavy on the turkey at the first place: best to stick with sides, like mashed potatoes and vegetables. Then in the second place, you hit the heavier stuff and the desserts. No matter how carefully I plan, though, I always am ENTIRELY too full, but I think that’s just part of it, unavoidable if you eat two meals or one or seventeen. (Which I would not recommend, by the way.) I have been asked to make deviled eggs for the meal this year, which to me is more of a summer dish, but I do what I am told, especially when someone else is feeding me. So eggs it is.

I’m also making brownies today, although not for Thanksgiving, and I have a question. Is there some trick to cutting brownies so they don’t end up all raggedy and falling apart everywhere? I always put the pan on a cooling rack, and wait at least forty-five minutes before slicing, but they still end up looking really messy. There must be some handy Rachel Ray or Martha Stewart thing I don’t know about. But since I’m assuming they are kind of busy today, I came to the REAL experts, all of you. I bet someone out there knows. Care to share?

I also have tons of TV to catch up with this weekend, as being out of town and then rushing around preparing for the holiday has gotten me woefully behind. I didn’t even get to Gilmore or Veronica last night. (Shocking, I know.) I did, however, watch the Oprah that was all about Grey’s Anatomy and I have to say that while I enjoyed the behind the scenes stuff, I felt bad for Justin Chambers, who plays Dr. Karev. He’s been on the show since day one, the very start, and yet he and McSteamy were sort of shunted off by themselves, like an afterthought. Karev is far from my favorite character—although he’s kind of growing on me—but I think that was kind of wrong. I mean, not that McSteamy should have had a solo thing but why not put him with the chief or something? Just my opinion, of course. Still, it’s nice to know Oprah is a big Grey’s fan, almost obsessive. It’s always a good day when you find out you have something in common with Oprah.

Speaking of TV, and Thanksgiving, if you’re a fan of both, do I have a show for you. It’s called Desperate Crossing, it’s on the History Channel, it’s all about the Pilgrims AND….my cousin Anna is in it. Anna is a professional pilgrim at Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts, and last year she got to be part of this production, which is all about the Pilgrims arriving in the new world. Here she is, in character, holding a child and gazing out at the sea:

It ran first on Sunday, but will be on again on Thanksgiving night, so check it out, if you’re so inclined. Learn a little while you digest! It’s the American way.

If you’re traveling, be safe. If you’re not, be glad. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.

have a good day, everyone!
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