For today, The Friday Five:

(an occasional series, the idea of which is cribbed from various sites, which usually appears when the week has been taxing enough that coming up with a cohesive entry is out of the question)

1. Britney, Britney, Britney. Oh, dear. I don’t even know what to say. Everyone in the world has weighed in on this—GMA had an entire segment devoted to it yesterday, I swear—but I just have to say…enough. We know you’ve been home with babies for the last two years, that you haven’t been entirely happy, and everyone can understand wanting to sow a few wild oats. But please put on some underwear and find more appropriate company. I’m begging you.

2. Veronica Mars: I still love this show. I will always love this show. But did anyone else feel like the end of the rape mystery was a bit…rushed? I understand they had a shorter episode order, so they had to wrap things up faster, but still. It felt a little shaky to me. Maybe I was just upset from the whole Logan-Veronica breaking up thing. I knew it was coming. I understand it might be necessary for dramatic tension. But I’m not happy about it. I want more Logan, not less!

3. This weekend, it looks like I will finally watch The Big Lebowski. I know, I know. Whenever I tell anyone I haven’ t seen it they are shocked and dismayed and want to run and get their copy to watch with me right that second. How did I miss this? I don’t know. But I fear it has been so hyped by this point it can only disappoint. Way to think positive, right?

4. The day: today, the first of December. The time: 7am. The temperature: 72 degrees. In Kansas, they’re getting 16 inches of snow. What’s the deal? (In related news: 24 shopping days until Christmas!)

5. I first discovered Tom Waits when I was in high school, and his album Rain Dogs is still the greatest thing I have ever heard. To me, he is enlightenment, as Owen Armstrong would say, and I was so happy when I watched the Daily Show the other night and found out Jon Stewart feels the same way. He introduced this performance as “my moment of Zen.” And that’s what we all need for a Friday, don’t you think?

have a great weekend, everyone!

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