What’s up with all the breakups today? Jen and Vince AND Adam and Rachel? I’m especially sad about Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson, because they are just so cute together and they just seemed like normal, happy people. All those shots of them walking their dog. Sigh.

Maybe it was the full moon the other night. Or the impending holidays. Everyone knows that if a relationship is not going well, enduring a major holiday together sometimes only makes things worse. Personally, I always seemed to get dumped before Christmas and summer vacation: it was, like, documented. Especially in the summer, when every guy I dated was suddenly seized with that whole, “Oh, I just need my space—not you, me—I really want to be friends” thing, when you know it was more like, “It’s summer, I want to be able to date anything that moves, and if you hate me I won’t really even care and/or notice.” Not that, eighteen years later, I’m bitter or anything. Of course not!

On the flip side, a breakup before a holiday can be a good thing. For instance, if you choose to drown your sorrows in desserts, there are always some available, with all those gift baskets and baked goods around. Second, you’re on vacation, so you can stay in bed and just say you’re relaxing, not obsessing. There are also lots of events to go to, so you’re not in danger of sitting home every night in your pajamas, weeping and watching Bridget Jones’s diary over and over again, while no one notices and/or cares. (Not that I’ve done that, or anything.) And you have your family around to either 1) tell you how great you are and that whoever dumped you is a total jerk or 2) distract you from the mess that is your lovelife with their complete dysfunction. Plus, at the end of all the baked goods, the obsessing, the weeping in pajamas and holiday parties and family craziness…there’s the New Year. Sure, it kind of stinks not to have someone to kiss at midnight. But it IS a fresh start. 2007! Twelve months of possibility and potential! And even if that thought depresses you beyond belief, at least you’ve gotten through the worst of it, those first couple of weeks, and are already on your way.

I don’t know who I am actually addressing with this entry, as I doubt Adam Brody or Rachel Bilson are going to be reading this. Or Jen and Vince. But whatever. Maybe someone out there will benefit. And if that doesn’t work, maybe this video I took at NCTE in Nashville will. It’s of my friend John Green, whose new book is, incidentally, ALL about breakups. He’ll probably kill me for linking to it (although he did on his site, so I guess it’s okay) but I think it’s funny. We were having this very serious conversation about writing, and discipline, while at the same time the band at the bar was just rocking out to some Miami Sound Machine. So you know, when things get tough, sometimes you have to just Turn the Beat Around. Can’t hurt, right?

have a good day, everyone!
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