I love the week before Christmas. It’s like you can just FEEL everything kind of slowing down, people taking off on vacation, responsibilities being abandoned. My email inbox stops filling up, my phone rings less. It’s just so, so nice.

I am still waiting, however, for the holiday spirit to hit me in earnest. I’m usually slow this way, not really feeling it until closer to Christmas Eve, mostly because I’m so stressed about shopping and all the last minute details. But now that things are slowing down, it should be creeping up on me soon. And if not, I’ll pop Love Actually or The Grinch in and bring it on that way. If THAT doesn’t work, I have family arriving on Friday, which will officially do the trick. Still, a little holiday spirit early would be nice. I mean, it only happens once a year, right?

And all I want for Christmas is…for my dryer to work. Last week, our dryer of thirteen years (or so) finally died, and instead of trying to fix it (again) we decided to just move on up and get a new one. Went to the store, bought one, brought it home, all was wonderful. Until three days later, when it, too, died. Three days! I mean, what’s that all about? One lasts for thirteen years, another three days? All weekend, we were getting opinions from people, friends who would pass through, thumb the manual, examine connections, speculate on reasons. Our electrician came yesterday, just to rule out that it isn’t us, it’s the dryer. (Like a bad relationship, or something. Honestly.) Now we have a repair person coming tomorrow. Can I just say that I have become entirely too accustomed to having a dryer now? There was a time when I was okay with lugging clothes to the laundromat, but MAN I don’t really want to have to do that. Especially over Christmas weekend. So here’s hoping it’s, like, a little fuse, or a wire that got jiggled loose, something simple. Otherwise I will be wearing my serious B wardrobe (jeans that don’t fit, shirts I hate) in all the holiday pictures. And THAT’s no way to get into the spirit.

Okay, enough complaining. It’s the week before Christmas! You’re practically required to slack off! So let me help, with this clip from this weekend’s SNL. Justin Timberlake hosted, which meant a return of one of my favorite sketches: the Barry Gibb talk show. Enjoy.

have a good day, everyone!
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