Okay. So I have nothing to say.

Maybe it’s just end of year burnout, or holiday distraction, but I feel like my entries have been weakening, bit by bit, day by day, and now I find myself here, with the blinking cursor before me, and…there’s just nothing. I mean, I could write about how my dryer is now fixed, and how I was so excited that I offered the repair guy a brownie, which he happily accepted. Or how I got Season One of Grey’s Anatomy for an early Christmas gift, and last night I watched the pilot again, and that you can see the slow evolution of McDreamy’s hair: it was nice at the start, but nowhere near the gelled and moussed perfection it is these days. But do you really want to hear about any of that?

I didn’t think so.

I think it might be a sign. Everyone I know is finishing up work this week, heading out of town, ditching out of the office early. Because I work from home, it’s a little harder for me to just declare myself “on vacation,” especially since my office is just upstairs, and there is a book waiting up there for me, always. But I WANT to take some time off and just wallow in the holiday. Watch movies on TV, read good books, hang out with my family, work my way through the tin of cheese straws my husband got last night for his gift. (And what is it about snacking and the holiday? All my willpower is gone. Along with my creative blog ideas. Perhaps there’s a connection there? Hmmmm.) Short of roping off my office, I don’t think it’s going to be easy to take time off, but maybe the first step is declaring it here, publicly, and giving the blog a rest as well.

So this will be my last entry for a little while. (Unless something major happens pop-culture wise. In that case, I don’t think I could keep myself from weighing in, even if I was knee deep in McDreamy and snack mix. Priorities, and all that.) I hope that you all have a GREAT holiday, however you’re spending it. I wish you snow if you want it, no snow if you want that, low holiday stress, friends and family around who love you, warm fuzzies from good doggies (and cats, if you’re into cats) lots of brownies, and most of all, peace and goodwill.

Oh, and maybe a little Love, Actually as well. As I’ve said, it is my holiday tradition. Too busy to watch the entire thing? Thanks to YouTube, you don’t have to. (SPOILER ALERT: don’t watch these if you haven’t already seen the movie!) But if you have, you can just catch the beginning:

And then the end:


Happy Holidays everyone!

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