So, here we are. First real day back after the blur of the holidays, first workday of 2007, time to get going, get motivated, get it together. And yet…I feel like I’m off to a slow start. Why is that? Maybe I just need some coffee.

Blurring aside, though, the holidays were great. I spent tons of time with my family, went on a quick skiing vacation (during which I, um, actually didn’t ski) watched entirely too many Bravo marathons (the aforementioned Housewives, some Top Chef—which is too much like Project Runway to me—and Biggest Loser, on New Years Day, as I sat stuffing my face with coffee cake) finished off the first season of Big Love on DVD (very good), watched The Last Kiss (not very good, in my opinion, which stinks because I was REALLY looking forward to it), read some books (right now I’m in the middle of Anna Quindlen’s One True Thing, which is choking me up on a regular basis) and tried to work at least a little bit myself (and trying counts, right?). Factor in our Christmas party, my stomach virus, New Years and entirely too much baking, and December was jam-packed. Now, we find ourselves in January, when we are supposed to be all about resolutions, but all I really want is a chance to stop, breathe, and putter around my house, putting things away and restoring order to my universe.

January IS exciting, though, for lots of reasons. Like new books coming out, such as Sara Zarr’s debut novel Story of A Girl, which has already received starred reviews and lots of good buzz. I met Sara at NCTE in Nashville and got to hang out with her, and she is oh so cool. I can’t wait to read this book. Also my friend Peder Zane has a new book out, The Top Ten: Writers Pick Their Favorite Books: if you go to the site, you can post your own top ten (or decide to do so, then obsess about your choices endlessly, as I did).

Also this month? New episodes return of favorite shows (finally!) while we hunt for a new show to watch on DVD. Right now it’s between Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the very beginning (we watched the first couple of seasons as they aired, years ago) or The Office. After Big Love, which was kind of heavy, I’m leaning towards The Office, if only because I need something kind of light to start the year off with. And of course, there’s the new college basketball season, which really picks up in the next couple of weeks. Whew!

Still, even with all this newness (is that even a word?) it’s important that we not give up everything from the last year. I have managed to not have a brownie OR snack mix in 2007 so far, which is great, but I am still obsessed with the olive bar at Whole Foods, which is so 2006. Also remaining from last year? My love of Grey’s Anatomy, Stila lipgloss, Katharine Whalen’s CD Dirty Little Secret (the last song on the album, Blur, has been in my head for DAYS) and spending entirely too much time on Go Fug Yourself. So maybe that’s the key, here on the second day of this new year. Not out with the old, in with the new, but more a mix of both. Keep what’s good, pitch the rest to make room for what comes next. And here’s hoping there’s a lot of good stuff to come for all of us, any minute. Or after coffee, at any rate.

have a great day, everyone!
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