Bad news: the O.C. has been canceled.

Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking. Who cares? Well…I do. Granted, the last couple of seasons haven’t been the greatest, and the whole Marissa dying thing was a bit over the top, but STILL. That first season was brilliant, and if you’ve never watched it you should go out and get the DVD RIGHT THIS INSTANT. You will not be sorry. And the worst part is, that this current season has been really, really good. And now it’s all going to be over, in February. That’s next month! I don’t even have enough time to go through my stages of grief! So unfair. Personally, I blame Fox for putting it up against Grey’s Anatomy AND CSI. I mean, who on earth thought it would perform well against the two most popular shows on TV? Give me a break.


All right, so I’m a little bitter. But I will always love Seth Cohen, no matter what. And on the bright side, maybe this means that Josh Schwartz will be turning his attention to the Looking for Alaska movie he got the rights to awhile back? Fingers crossed.

Speaking of Looking for Alaska, its author, John Green, and his brother started a video blog project in the new year. It’s a great concept: a video update each day, from one of them to the other. You can check it out here. Truth? I’m already addicted and it’s only been three days. But I guess that’s a good thing, as I have one less show to watch now. Well, at least I’ll always have season one, and my memories.

Ahh. That’s nice.

have a good day, everyone!
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