In my last post, I wrote about how I’ve given up coffee. Someone left a comment concerned that I was giving up everything: brownies, snack mix, now caffeine. What’s next? they cried, dismayed. Deviled eggs?

You can rest easy. I will NEVER give up deviled eggs. Or brownies, apparently. I broke down and made a batch on Friday. So much for that resolution. But man, they are GOOD.

In other news, I have a new addiction to add to my (long) list: sudoku. When my nephew was visiting over Christmas, my dad taught him how to do these puzzles, and he taught me. I’ve always seen them in the paper, but as I am completely math and logic challenged, I always flipped right past, straight the comics and horoscope, which I know I can handle. But then I tried one, and while it was VERY hard (although labeled as medium) I was intrigued, so I went and bought a book of ones labeled “easy,” and was instantly addicted. People, this is all I did on Friday night. (I know: nerd alert!) I sat on the couch, with the movie One True Thing on the TV, doing puzzle after puzzle. I was only occasional distracted, mostly by the fact that not only is Lauren Graham in this movie (who knew?) but that she is rocking what looks like a perm (scroll down for a collage of many shots).

The good thing is that, while they involve numbers, Sudoku puzzles are not really about math, which is probably why I like them. On the other hand, logic has never been my strong suit either. When I took the GRE about a million years ago (once, I considered grad school) I knew it was going to be tough for me. Literature I could handle, math, not so much, but logic? Forget it. You give me one of those questions like, “A and B and C are all going to serve on a committee. But B can only serve with C, and A can only serve when C is not with B and—-” And I’ve stopped paying attention. My brain has just stopped, frozen up, to save itself. So the idea of me being into logic puzzles is kind of ridiculous. Then again, it’s not complicated logic. At least in my EASY book. I know you’re supposed to work up to the hard ones, bit by bit, but can’t I just stay on easy forever, satisfied with myself? No? Oh, well.

Oh, yeah, and one last new addiction: I watched the first three episodes of the Office back to back last night. Watch out. I even put down my puzzle book for them, which is pretty major. So if you’re keeping track (and I’m sure you are not) the count is as follows: no coffee, some brownies, way too many Sudoku puzzles, one perm, and one new TV show. At least, that’s it for now. I’ll keep you posted.

have a good day, everyone!
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