This Lullaby en francais! Tres joli, no?

That is literally all the French I know. And I probably even still got it wrong. I never could get that masculine/feminine thing straight. Is a book male or female? Oh, well.

Still, it is pretty, and also the first of my books to be translated into French. The only bummer is that they had to change Remy and Dexter to Julie and Damien, because apparently the original names just would not work in translation. Which I agreed to, as I learned long ago to pick my snits (as my dad would say) with foreign editions, because they always involve changes, whether you like it or not. So I’ve okayed title changes, and name changes (although I hate to see it done) and of course changes in the language so things make sense. The one thing I would not agree to was when, years ago, a foreign publisher wanted to change an entire ENDING to one of my books, as they had decided it just would not be “believable” to their readers. (Who I guess were far superior to all the other readers who read and loved the book and the ending. And no, I’m not going to say which book it was, or what language. That’s the picking the snits thing.) Anyway, I said forget it, and eventually it was published as it was. Or so they told me. Hmmmm. Maybe I need to hire a translator, just to be sure?

In other news, a couple of days ago my friend of list here on LiveJournal hit 2000 people. It might have gone down again by now, especially if someone got sick of me, but still, this is a bit of a milestone and, I figured, worth commemorating. When I started this journal back on August 16, 2001 (how can it really be that long?) the only people who read it were my cousins, who were also the only people I was convinced read my books. Fast forward to now, and about 1995 other people are reading as well, and that’s just the people who are on LiveJournal. I know who a few of you are, because you tell me you read this page, but many of you are a mystery. Which is just fine. But if you’d LIKE to identify yourself, please feel free. I’m curious! And thanks for reading, at any rate.

have a good day, everyone!
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