The Friday Five:

1. Last year, as a last minute Christmas gift, I bought my husband a calendar of New Yorker cartoons. One cartoon, per day, all year. I also bought one for my dad. They weren’t all great, but there’s something kind of addictive about having a new one to pull off every day, so I bought another couple this year. And guess what? The cartoons from the end of last year are repeating at the beginning of this year. Not all of them, but I’d say 6 of the twelve so far I’ve already seen, and recently. What’s up with that? Do they not WANT you to buy the calendar for more than one year? I sincerely doubt the problem is that they don’t have enough cartoons. Maybe it’s just because it’s the New Yorker, and they figure we folks out here in the rest of the country are too dumb to notice. Either way, it kind of stinks.

2. The big news yesterday: Posh and Becks are coming to America. This was ALL over the TV and internet all day yesterday, and Beckham himself was just on GMA via satellite. We’ve all been hearing FOREVER about how the U.S. is the only country in the world without a full-on passion for soccer, and this seems like that last chance to change that. Personally, I don’t know much about David Beckham—although sadly, I am full of information about Posh Spice—but I did love Bend it Like Beckham. Does that count? (Something tells me no.) He seemed very charming and cute on TV this morning. I guess we’ll just have to see.

3. Was it just me, or did that montage of people just staring off into space at the end of Grey’s last night seem sort of weird? Like they just needed some filler to end the episode, carry us over to next week? Not that I’m complaining, the show did not disappoint, and it was SO nice to see a new one. I won’t give anything away, in case you Tivoed it or are planning to watch it again tonight, but I will say that I would be VERY happy to see the couple that almost got together end up that way. Just my two cents.

4. It’s officially: I am completely hooked on Stonyfield yogurt smoothies. They’re portable! Full of calcium! Organic! And come in fun fruity flavors! I am still REALLY missing my coffee, but these at least distract me temporarily. I’ll take what I can get.

5. Last night, I was scrolling through my Tivo Now Playing list and…there was a Real Housewives of Orange County on there. No! Apparently, it had somehow ended up as a Season Pass. (How, I have no idea. *cringe*) Anyway, this is just awful, because as we all know, I swore I would not watch this show in the new year, along with not eating snack mix or brownies. Okay, so I’ve already caved on the brownie thing. But not the snack mix! And hopefully, not this. I just couldn’t respect myself. Plus, isn’t Idol starting up next week? That’s a two night commitment, all the way to May. Even with the O.C. going off the air late next month, I still can’t justify this. So I’ll just…delete it. And drink a yogurt smoothie. And respect myself. Hopefully.

have a good weekend, everyone!
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