Because I am super lame, and could not stay up for the whole thing last night, I sat down this morning to watch the rest of the Golden Globes on Tivo. All the big awards are usually at the end, anyway: Best Actress in a Drama (Helen Mirren) Best Actor (Forest Whittaker) and, of course, the very last one, Best Drama. Which…..I did not get to see, after ALL that, because my Tivo cut off promptly at 11 and of course the show ran over. Shoot! So I had to find out via that Babel won Best Drama. Oh, well. Next time I’ll know to set it a bit over. I mean, they always go long, don’t they?

All in all, I thought the show was good. I love how the Globes get right to it, no host, just award then award then award. The Oscars should take a lesson, I swear. I don’t even try to stay up for that anymore: it’s hopeless. I LOVED seeing Ugly Betty win, and America Ferrara, as well as of course Grey’s Anatomy. Also, I was struck by how much Sacha Baron Cohen resembles my cousin Benjamin. (Am I the only one who has said this, Ben? I’m curious.) Plus there were all those weird Globe moments, like Tim Allen totally leering at Vanessa Williams while they presented, and Justin Timberlake having the nerve to MOCK Prince while accepting his award for him. I thought there would be outrage and condemnation all over the internet today for that, but so far, nothing. Which is really surprising to me. And I LIKE Justin Timberlake. But seriously, making fun of someone for being short while accepting their award is tacky. Where’s your Golden Globe? That’s right. So shut up.

(What is WRONG with me today? I’m not even a big Prince fan. The whole thing just really bugged me. I’d post the clip if I could find it, but I can’t. Maybe I just imagined the whole thing? Or not. Apparently, it was some kind of revenge thing. Whatever.)

Okay, onto other big news: Idol begins tonight, with the first of what I am assuming is a bunch of audition specials. Let me just say this. If you don’t watch Idol, and never have, DO NOT WATCH these specials. They will suck you right in, and then there goes half your week until May. I’m not kidding. The first season Idol was on, I did not watch it from the start, only at the very end, and therefore was not at all invested. But if you succumb tonight, it’s all over. Consider this a public service message. You might thing the show is terrible, you only watch PBS, you’d never care in a million years about Simon or Paula or whatever. But trust me. Don’t risk it. Step AWAY from the remote. Or, give in and watch with the rest of us. At least you’ll be in good company.

have a good day, everyone!
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