I stand corrected.

Yes, it’s actually snowing here. I know those of you from states that get actual snow all the time will look at this and say, “Please! That’s hardly a smattering!” (Or maybe you wouldn’t say smattering. But you get the idea.) Here, though, this is a Big Deal. Our local schools are closed, everything has come to a grinding halt. We’re under a winter weather warning, even though we’re only supposed to get about two inches, if that. But I have to admit, it is pretty. As well as a good excuse to stay home and drink hot chocolate, and that’s always a good thing.

Plus, I can be all fancy with my hot choc, because I just recently bought a milk frother. I know, I know. It’s completely unnecessary. But I was at Home Goods, it was $9.99, and I thought it would be fun. It’s so easy: you put some milk in a glass, insert the frother, froth it up, then microwave it, which makes it froth up even higher, spilling over the edge of the cup and your microwave. (That last bit isn’t actually part of the directions. It’s just what I did. I don’t recommend it.) Anyway, once you have your froth, you mix it in with some hot chocolate mix and voila (or wa-la, as my husband would say): hot chocolate that ISN’T all watery, but actually kind of thick and smooth. Will I use this product more than six times? I doubt it. But for ten bucks, I don’t even feel bad about that. Not at all.

Meanwhile, right now they’re talking to the head of the Department of Transportation on the local news, which has pre-empted GMA for this BREAKING WEATHER EVENT. I swear, the local news stations go nuts on days like this. They’re postively…frothed, actually. Live coverage of overpasses! Ticker with the cancellations! Eyewitness accounts of flakes falling! Then again, we only get snow once a year, if that, so I guess we should let them have their fun while it lasts. Which will probably be…until about noon, when it all changes over to rain. Oh, well.

have a good day, everyone!