The Friday Five (And yes, I did steal the name from the original Friday Five, then gave it my own spin. Credit where credit is due!)

1. All the snow is gone. It turned to freezing rain, then rain, thus ending Weather Crisis 06. Still, the local news stayed on for HOURS, covering the highway conditions and posting cute shots of people’s dogs and children sledding and posing in the snow. They’re saying we might get another wintry mix on Sunday. I hope the local news team gets some rest before then. They’ll need it.

2. It is true: I did not discuss my beloved Tarheels getting spanked by Virginia Tech this week, probably because it was painful enough to watch, much less talk about. I have never seen so many airballs in my life. I mean, they were closer to the concession stand than the basket. Yikes. As hard as it is to take, though, I still think it’s kind of a good thing for my team to get the stuffing knocked out of them when they’re ranked number one. It’s too early in the season to be on top: we have a long way to go. Beating Clemson on Wednesday helped, though, I have to say.

3. I have to chime in with sarazarr and say that I’m kind of hooked on Dirt on FX these days. I, too, thought the pilot was a little creaky at the start, trying too hard, but once it picked up steam, watch out. I don’t watch a lot of FX, though, so I was kind of taken aback by the language and nudity, not to mention seeing Rick Fox (who used to play for the Tarheels) in some rather compromising positions. What would Dean Smith say? But seriously, if you read celeb tabloids at all, this show will interest you. And even if you don’t, it’s worth a look. Nice to see it’s not only Matthew Perry making a career on TV post-Friends, either, and I hear Jennifer Aniston will guest star later in the season. All good. All good!

4. Grey’s Anatomy: I love it so much. So, so, much. But this whole Isaiah Washington thing, which just got rekindled all over again at the Golden Globes? I’m over it. I can’t look at him, as Burke, without thinking about it. Maybe it’s time for someone to go work for Doctors Without Borders for awhile? Just an idea. And maybe while he’s there, he can get some sensitivity training. Couldn’t hurt.

5. I saw Rosie O’Donnell on the View yesterday, saying how cruel the American Idol auditions have been thus far, and I really kind of have to agree. The Seattle stuff was a low point, for me. Is it worse when they’re just mean from the start, or when they patronize people, go film their lives, build them all up, and then laugh at them (and, in doing so, encourage us laughing at them as well?) I know I was eager as anyone for the show to begin, but now I’m thinking I”ll just bail out until Hollywood week. I can’t take the meanness. I mean, it’s like being in junior high school. Maybe you’re not the guy in the lunchroom picking on the kid with the high-waisted pants, or the buckteeth, or the bug eyes. You’re just watching. But if you don’t say anything, or at least try to stop it, aren’t you just as much to blame? I think you are. And the world is cruel enough, truly, without us adding to it for the sake of entertainment. So, yeah. I think I’m out. I’ll just fill the time with more worthy pursuits. Like remembering Paula Abdul, back when she was nice. Sweet. And doing Rebel Without a Cause with Keanu Reeves. Ah, yes. Those were the days.

have a good weekend, everyone!
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