The Friday Five! (note that exclamation point: it’s been a long week, I guess)

1. The 2007 Best Books for Young Adults have been announced, and I am so happy that Just Listen made the list. It is always nice to get named for anything, but especially something that’s given by readers of teen lit who are so passionate about books. Yay for librarians!

2. So I’m watching Veronica Mars on Tuesday night, and at the very end there’s this sad/awkward scene with Veronica and Piz and Logan. I’m all absorbed in it, as it’s also the last scene of the epsiode, but then I notice the song that is playing in the background, and think, “Wait? Is that the Kingsbury Manx?” I was almost positive it was, to the point that I almost said something about it here the day after, but since I couldn’t find anything online to confirm, I held off. Sure enough, though, it WAS the Manx, a Chapel Hill band that is very good friends with friends of mine. (What’s that, one degree of separation? A half?) So exciting! If you were watching the show, and liked what you heard, you can check out the Kingsbury Manx blog and MySpace Page. Yay for local bands who done good! (And yes, I know that’s grammatically incorrect. Just go with it.)

3. Speaking of local things, thanks so much to the person who left the link to this story from the New York Times about the Triangle area here in NC, as well as my hometown. I have a few quibbles with what they have to say—as I figure most locals would—including the fact that barbeque is not mentioned nearly enough, and that there ARE other great restaurants other than Fearrington House (can we get some love for what I consider the best restaurant in the Triangle, Lantern, please?). Still, it’s great to see our little area get some attention, as well as have an explanation of the basketball madness for the masses. Yay for us!

4. I am still processing the events on Grey’s Anatomy last night, and am NOT sure what I think of them (or what I want to happen next). But I am very grateful for the person who pointed me towards Grey Matter, the blog that is written by ACTUAL GREY’S WRITERS. How cool is that, getting the inside scoop on what inspired episodes and why they made the decisions they did? It’s the coolest. But be warned: if you’re a big fan, you can spend HOURS on this site. If you have work to do, stay away. But: yay for procrastination!

5. Okay, so there’s really no reason to post this clip. I mean, the movie it’s from is downright terrible: “Satisfaction,” from 1988, starring Justine Bateman of Family Ties. Liam Neeson was in it too, and the high point was when, during one of many cringingly bad band scenes, she rocked the cowbell. But it’s Friday, and we all need something, so why shouldn’t it be this scene? The fact that it features Julia Roberts blowing on a jug is just a bonus. And check out that hair. Yay eighties!

have a great weekend, everyone!
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