Greetings from the Honda dealership, where I had to come at this VERY early hour (edit: I wrote this at 8:15) this morning to get my car looked at. (Man, that was a poorly constructed sentence. I’m blaming the hour. Or maybe the setting.) The dealership is a good half hour from my house, so coming here this early is always a production. Even worse, today it’s purely for vanity: it’s not like my car is falling apart, or barely running. No. There’s this little storage area right beneath my stereo, where you can put your various car clutter. (Which, in my case, is lots of empty CD cases, the occasional CD, and entirely too many lipsticks.) It has this very cool chrome-esque door that slides down to cover said clutter, except that mine is busted. A few weeks ago, it got stuck closed. So of course I wrenched it open, and now it won’t close. Is this a big problem? No. It’s just a door. Does it bother me? SO FREAKING MUCH. Everytime I get in the car, I reached over to close it. It slides back open. I don’t know why I kept expecting it to just fix itself, spontaneously. Maybe because that’s how it broke? I think if my car was older, and a lot else was broken, it wouldn’t bug me so much. But this is the first new car I’ve ever had, and it’s the one thing that’s broken, and I just think I might get some much needed inner peace if it’s not.

Okay, so maybe not inner peace. But some peace, nonetheless.

Meanwhile, last night I finally got caught up with my OC viewing, watching the last two episodes back to back. I’m sad to see this show go, I’ve said it before, but I also feel like it’s time: I mean, it just seems like the zest has kind of gone out of it. I still love the whole Taylor/Ryan thing, even though they’re falling into that break up-get back together-break up again thing they did so often with Ryan and Marissa. I know I’ve said this before, but is it truly impossible to have a couple be together on TV and still have it be interesting? I mean, relationships are fraught with issues, aren’t they? Surely enough to provide good material. Maybe we just don’t want people to be happy: we’d rather have them pining, lovesick, then get that happy ending. But then what? Life doesn’t stop when you walk off into the sunset. What about what comes next? Can we maybe see that, once in a while? Here’s hoping that, for the remaining episodes, Ryan just gets to be in a good, happy relationship. No more breakups. Give the boy a break. Please!

Man. It’s only 8:30. I swear, if they come out and tell me they have to order a part, and I have to come back here another day, I’m going to flip out, Ryan Atwood style. I know, I know. Inner peace. That is why I’m here, right?

have a good day, everyone!

Update: an hour later, a guy comes out and tells me I’m done….for today. Yup, gotta order a part. Which means doing all this all over again, another day. Sigh. I did not resort to fisticuffs, though. Instead, I came here to Panera to drown my sorrows in a blueberry muffin. Not perfect, but as close to inner peace as I’ll get today. Yum!
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