Last night, it FINALLY happened: I had a little burst of old style Gilmore love. (WARNING: spoilers ahead! Don’t read if you haven’t watched the show yet!) It wasn’t during the episode, or even at the end (although seeing Richard collapse, even though I knew it was coming because of the Ausiello report, was still unsettling). No. It was in the previews for next week, when they showed Luke and Lorelei together at the hospital. I was like, YESSSS! Is this what’s been missing, all this time? The reason I’ve struggled to love this show the way I once did? I was trying to even remember the last time they were together and happy: probably this time, last year. It’s like you’ve been driving, lost, for a long, long time, about to give up hope and just pull over and wait to be rescued, but then…you pass a turn, and it looks familiar. Not entirely so, but just enough to give you hope. Of course, I could be totally wrong, and this could be a dead end. But I am hopeful.

Meanwhile, Veronica Mars continues to just rock my socks: last night, there were at least three lines that made me laugh out loud, which never happens when I watch other shows. Plus, now that I know Veronica is going on hiatus, I’m already nostalgic for her. It’s like when you’re hanging out with someone you love so much, and you just want to enjoy it, but at the same time you know they’ll be gone soon, and you can’t stop thinking about it. I want to savor it while it lasts, but at the same time….let’s just say, it’s going to be a long few weeks. But I shouldn’t think about that, right? I should take each day for what it is, all by itself. And this is just SO easy for me, let me tell you. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to relax and enjoy the moment, I’d be rich enough to pay for Veronica to go on forever, if only for my own entertainment. (Give me a dollar for every time I’ve been told to “Just relax!” and I could pay off the national debt, buy Microsoft ten times over, and still have enough left to keep me in shoes forever. But that’s another issue, I guess.) At any rate, right now Tuesdays are just about perfect. And how often can you say that about anything?

Speaking of money, and having it to spend (or not), yesterday I was out shopping and got some VERY dangerous news: Sephora is coming to my mall. Yes. The palace of makeup, the wellspring of lipgloss (my total downfall, always) will now be a mere half hour from my house. Now, this is better than when it was in downtown Chapel Hill, and I had to pass it on my way to work every day. But then that one closed, and I could only indulge my Sephora addiction online or when I was visiting other places. But now? So close? And the only place that still carries Stila, my very favorite makeup line? Oh, dear. Add in the fact that it is entirely too adjacent to Panera (which I am also addicted to) and we have a serious problem. This will require GREAT restraint on my part, and frankly, I’m not sure I have it. At least it’s not open yet: I have until Spring to work out some sort of offensive. But just watch: it’ll open JUST as Veronica goes on hiatus, when I’m feeling all sad and out of sorts. And you know what fixes that? Yep. Lipgloss. Again: oh, dear.

have a great day, everyone!
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