Winter weather alert!

Okay, so it’s snowing here. Cue the local forecaster panic, round the clock coverage, and an insane amount of school closings. You Canadians, so used to the snow and cold weather, will LOVE this: this time, they canceled school before the snow even started. Just to be on the safe side. The snow is coming down now, we’re supposed to get about an inch, maybe two, plus some ice. They pre-empted GMA for much of the morning, to cover the first flakes as they began falling, so I missed most of the national headlines and news. However, they DID cut away from Snow Frenzy 07 for….Raleigh’s own Clay Aiken! Who just happened to be on GMA talking about Unicef. As soon as he was done, though, we were back to footage of snow falling. Honestly.

It is pretty, though. And my husband just went to the grocery store to buy me some hot chocolate mix, so I can’t really complain. I think I may spend some of today, actually, planning for the next big event: the Superbowl. Or, if you’re me, the Superbowl party, i.e. the food. We’ve been invited to a friend’s house, where they’re doing pizza and wings, and I said I’d bring an appetizer. In the past, I’ve done a seven layer Mexican dip, as well as a cheese dip, although I’ve found that cheese dip usually isn’t good over the long haul, especially if you make it with Velveeta, because it kind of hardens up and then everyone’s chips break off in the bowl, which is kind of gross. I’d like to do nachos this year, you know, chips and black beans and cheese, all under the broiler, but I’m worried it will be a big mess, especially if I’m using someone else’s oven. I considered pigs in a blanket, as well, but I did tons of those over the holidays, so I’m kind of pigged out. What I need is a hot cheese dip that stays creamy, and a nacho recipe that works for a large group of people. Oh, maybe I’ll just make guacamole and call it a day. Who knows.

One thing that is more than clear: the snow is making my dogs crazy. It’s like some kind of canine stimulant, or something. Ever since it started falling they keep going outside, chasing each other in circles through the yard, then coming in and wrestling, snarling, crashing into furniture and barking at each other. It’s only 8:39: if this keeps up, we’re going to have a LONG day here. Sigh.

Ah! My husband’s home. With cocoa! Gotta go….

have a good day, everyone!
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