Oh, my God. I am STILL full from the Superbowl.

I ate so much, I can’t even tell you. It was like a chip bonanza: tortilla, potato, FRITOS for God’s sake. And dips? Spinach artichoke, cheese, guacamole, french onion. Then, chicken wings. Followed by fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, after which I rolled home and into bed. This morning, I was on the treadmill at 7am, purely out of guilt. But man, it was worth it. Especially for the Fritos. I NEVER eat those anymore. I may have to start up again. (Actually, maybe that’s not such a hot idea.)

I’m not much of a football person, hence my focus on the food, not the game. To me, football moves too slowly. There’s too much standing around, regrouping, getting all into position only to go a few yards, then stop, get into position again. This is why I like basketball: it’s go, go, go, for the most part. Plus, there’s a lot of scoring. (This is the reason I can’t watch soccer on TV, either. Too much running ,not enough scoring. I know, I’m so ADD, it’s pathetic.) For years, my lack of interest in football was reflected by the fact that I didn’t understand the concept of a first down: my husband tried, over and over again, using diagrams and dioramas, to explain it to me. “But if you get four tries,” I asked, “why is it called a first down?” These are not questions you’re supposed to ask, apparently. At any rate, eventually it sank in, so now I do understand, even if it doesn’t always hold my attention. Now that football season is over, we can turn our attention to basketball in earnest. My Tarheels lost on Saturday (sigh) but we play Duke on Wednesday, and all of March Madness is still ahead. I can’t wait.

As far as the ads went last night, the only two I really liked (and remember) are the one with the animals squeezing the little mouse (that’s a terrible description, but if you saw it you know what I mean) and the Oprah/David Letterman one, which was my very favorite. Ten seconds, two lines of dialogue, AND a total surprise. I mean, we’d heard about the K-Fed ad all week, saw clips of it and everything, but how often does Oprah just pop up unexpectedly? Plus, of course, at halftime there was Prince, who was AWESOME. I kept thinking, “Please play Purple Rain. Please play Purple Rain.” Because I LOVE that song, and it totally brings me back to junior high school—the good memories, not the vast number of bad ones—and then he DID sing it, and all was right with the world. Even in the rain.

So, here we are. February 5. Day five of the month that to me, can’t go by fast enough. I’ve decided the only way to endure it is to just focus on one fun event at a time, jumping from one to the next, keep that momentum going. So the Superbowl was the first. Next, the Duke-UNC game, followed by Valentine’s Day. Then…well, I don’t know yet. But hopefully, by the 15th, I will. And by then, the month is half over anyway. YESSSSS!

have a good day, everyone!
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