Yeah, so it’s 6:45 in the morning. And I’m up, showered, ready to go. How about you?

Truth is, I’m taking someone to the airport. Otherwise, I would certainly still be sleeping, or at least hitting the snooze bar and trying to sleep. But no. I’m up. Even weirder, I’m actually kind of wistful, wishing I was traveling somewhere today. And you all KNOW how much I hate to fly, so that’s really saying something. It’s the winter blues, continued, I guess. This is the time of year I always start daydreaming about going away, preferably somewhere sunny, and warm, and very beachy. I would love to have a little drink with an umbrella poking out of it, sipping away with my toes in the sand. No more chapped lips, sweaters, mittens! Ahhhh….

….on the flip side, I’d have to wear a bathing suit, and I’m not sure I’m up for that yet. But you know what? It would be worth it. I wouldn’t even care! (Much.)

One of the things about being up this early is that GMA isn’t on yet, so I’m watching my local news. I’ve noticed something about it at this hour, which is that the little news ticker they run along the bottom gets kind of wonky. Sure, there’s weather updates, temps and forecast. Major news stories, both national and local. And then, something like this, which just went by as I was eating my cereal: CHRISTINA AGUILERA SAYS COOKING NAKED WITH SPOUSE KEEPS MARRIAGE EXCITING. Huh? But then, just as you absorb this, it’s gone, replaced by: NO MARRIAGE, AND THEREFORE NO DIVORCE, FOR JIM CARREY AND JENNY MCCARTHY. What? But wait, too late, now we’re being told that THE OSBOURNE FAMILY SAYS OZZFEST TICKETS WILL BE FREE THIS YEAR. Ozzfest? At 6:50 am? Here’s my hunch. I think someone is sitting in a room somewhere in Raleigh, at the news studio, in front of a keyboard just like I am now. They have the AP wire, the local headlines, the weather, and then…a handful of entertainment stories. So they just key them in, at whim. I remember a couple of months ago my husband told me that one of the stories on the ticker (which he always sees, he’s up early every day) said GWEN STEFANI SAYS SHE WAS TIRED WHEN PREGNANT. You think? Then again, it can’t be easy to condense a story to just one line. I mean, look how long this entry is. If I was the ticker, it would just say UP EARLY ISN’T EASY, A VACATION WOULD BE NICE, WRITER SAYS. Or something like that.

Anyway, who cares about Christina cooking naked when UNC and Duke have their first matchup of the year tonight? We’re coming off our loss to State, Duke from two losses in a row. Plus, we’re playing them at Cameron, where even a seasoned team can get rattled. Rut-ro! Still, should be a good game: they always are. If you’ve never experienced the madness that is the Duke-UNC rivalry, and you’re around tonight, you should totally check it out. 9pm, ESPN. Or, if you have HD, you can watch it on ESPNHD, like I do, and see every bead of sweat and pimple on everyone’s face. Which is actually kind of creepy, but whatever.

All right, gotta go. But before I do, one last thing. (SPOILER ALERT!) Gilmore Girls: What’s up with Chris? Do we not even get to hear where he was? I mean, there’s being angry, and there’s being heartless. Plus, what’s up with being so nasty to Luke? I hated that. And Veronica: loving it, but please, please, please redeem Logan soon. I hate seeing him so wan and sad, it’s breaking my heart. I need my swaggering, snarky Logan. Bring him back, don’t delay! Please?

Have a good day, everyone. GO HEELS!
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