Get this: Yesterday, I finally, FINALLY, cleared out some time to go see Little Children, a movie that regular readers of this space know I have been wanting to see forever. I get my writing done in the morning (no guilt!) eat well all day (so I can have popcorn!) then get in the car, drive over and….there’s a notice up above the box office. Apparently, their print has some sound problems: you can buy a ticket, and if you decide within twenty minutes you just can’t take it, you can get a refund. Or, just come back another day, when the problem should be fixed. I just stood there, torn. “If it was you,” I finally asked the girl behind the counter, “would you wait to see it?” She nodded. “Absolutely.” Oh, well.

So no movie. Instead, I went to Best Buy (a bad, BAD idea on a Sunday afternoon, by the way) to buy myself a new monitor for my computer. This was necessary, as the screen of my old one had taken to turning bright red right at random moments while I was using it. Which is bad, but even worse when you’re working on a novel. I’m insecure enough about my writing on a daily basis without feeling like my words are literally bleeding all over the screen. Yikes. So now I have a new HP monitor, very pretty, although currently it keeps turning itself on and off. Huh. Maybe it’s my book, and not the technology at all? God, I hope not.

Finally, the Grammys. I was excited about this show, if only because it is one of the things I am using to get through February. (Next up: Valentine’s Day! Followed by the Oscars. And then..well, I’ll deal with that when I get there, I guess.) But I have to admit, to me, the show was kind of boring. I mean, I was happy to see the Dixie Chicks win so much, as I loved that album, but overall it just kind of felt…blah. Seeing the Police reunite was cool—eighties flashback! I LOVED them in middle school—but it was first, and then it just kind of petered out for me. But maybe I was just tired. It was a long weekend, after all, with movie buildup and disappointment, plus that trip to Best Buy. It wore me out.

Just as well. I need to rest up for V-day right? There’s a lot of chocolate to be eaten….

have a good day, everyone!
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