I interrupt your regularly scheduled Tuesday for this random freakout. Sorry.

One thing I do EVERY afternoon, before I write, without fail, is go to one of my very favorite blogs, Go Fug Yourself. Fashion, celebrities, expertly written snark: let’s face it, this site has everything. So here I sit today, eating my chocolate (required for writing well, as loyal readers of this space know) and I click over and there’s an item on Mandy Moore at the Grammys. And IN that item is MY NAME. Seriously! Plus some very nice props for my books.

*beams excitedly*

I swear, it’s like I was watching Diane Sawyer talk about Syria and she suddenly mentioned This Lullaby. So exciting! I’m just glad they can’t see what I’m wearing, as it is totally unfabulous and I know it would be their professional duty to let me know it. At any rate, what can I say: my day is made.

Okay, back to work!