The Friday Five!

1. Damn you, Grey’s Anatomy! We have a wait a WEEK to find out what happens next? AGAIN? Let me just say that even before the very end—which I won’t spoil for those who might have it on your DVR to watch this weekend—I was already emotionally wrecked by this episode. When the credits rolled, Courtney and I were on the couch, the Kleenex box between us, sniffling. Good God. If there’s not some kind of happy ending, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Seriously? Seriously.

2. There have been a couple of comments lately about why I don’t ever post pictures of my husband. Well..pretty much because he would NOT be happy if I did. I’ve chosen to have this online presence, the blog and all, but he has not. He’s a private person, doesn’t even read this journal, and would much rather be outside than sitting in front of a screen, any time of any day. If you come to a reading, you might catch a glimpse of him, but otherwise he will just remain this mystery wrapped in an enigma. Which is just how he likes it.

3. Speaking of my husband—because I can speak of him, even if I can’t show him—I got him a digital camera for Valentine’s Day. I was VERY proud of myself for coming up with this idea, as he’s very hard to buy for. In the end, I got him the newest version of my camera (the Canon digital Elph, the BEST camera ever). And I have to say, this new one is very nice. Lots of cool features, better pixels, bigger screen, all that. In fact, it’s a lot nicer than mine. Which, now, in comparison, looks a little lacking. I am the WORST about technology envy, I swear to you. The whole reason I got a new camera last time was because my cousin AnnaMo had a new Elph, and I couldn’t handle how much cooler it was than mine. And this time I did it to myself! Sheesh. It’s just what I deserve. Maybe he’ll let me borrow it, once in a while…

4. Is it just me, or does this whole Nascar cheating scandal seem an awful lot like what happened before The Tour de France last summer? Days before a huge event, frontrunners are exposed, and the whole thing is tainted. Does everyone cheat in sports these days? Is this just a truth I have to accept? God, I hope not. Because that is flat out depressing.

5. What’s not depressing? A dance montage! Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, in eighties leotard fashion! Check out the horizon slo-mo shots, AND Shannen Doherty in her pre-Brenda Walsh days. Just try not to watch. I dare you.

have a good weekend, everyone!
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