I totally forgot that yesterday was a holiday. I mean, completely blanked, got up as normal, had my morning, and then went out and….the post office and bank were closed. Town felt kind of quiet. Huh, I thought. Then I finally realized, but of course by then it was too late to switch into vacation mode. I was already up, so there was no sleeping in, or lolling around in pajamas. It was a total waste of a day I could be wasting! Which, frankly, stinks. But isn’t President’s Day one of those weird ones that some places shut down for, but others don’t? I think the schools were open here, to make up for a snow day, and it seemed like a lot of people WERE working. Still, though, I feel cheated. I should have been in that three day weekend mindset, relaxing and thinking about Lincoln and Washington. Oh, well. Maybe next year.

In other news, my dog Monkey had a run in with a possum last night. My husband let him out, he took off across the yard like a shot, and then was barking like crazy at something. Not a “just barking cause I can” bark (i.e his default) but a serious one. Even I could tell the difference, and I was already in bed: I sat up and turned on the light. When my husband went out with a flashlight, he found a possum curled up in the yard, Monkey standing over it: it was actually playing possum. And you thought that was just an expression! Now, I’ll be honest: possums freak me out. Not to the levels of bats, but close. (If you’ve never seen a possum, for some reason, get a visual aide here.) Eeek, right? They’re just very creepy looking. Anyway, my husband got the dog back inside, and the possum eventually slunk off into the dark, no harm done. Not like a skunk, which would be a big mess. But then, this morning, in the living room, I found this little tuft of hair. White hair, with a little black mixed in, too long to be my dog’s, and clearly not human. Say it with me: EWWWW! I have washed my hands a total of ten times already: I’m like freaking Lady Macbeth, I just can’t stop.

Ah, country living. You can’t beat it.

Finally, you know what’s the best? When you stumble across a movie you love, and have totally forgotten about. The other day, Postcards from the Edge was on Oxygen, and I just on impulse Tivoed it, remembering how much I liked it. Last night, I finally had a chance to watch, and wow. What a great movie. Meryl Streep, Shirley MacClaine, Dennis Quaid…all based on the book and screenplay by Carrie Fisher. I mean, when is Meryl NOT good, right, but I really liked her in this. Plus you can’t beat the 1990s fashion, cowboy boots and denim jackets. And there’s singing! And Richard Dreyfuss! (What’s he been doing these days, I wonder?) To be honest, I’m just not that excited about the Oscars this year, aside from the fact that Ellen Degeneres is hosting, so maybe instead of watching the three hour plus telecast, I’ll just check out all the movies from the top nominees that I HAVE seen. Like, say, for Leo, Titanic. For Penelope Cruz, Vanilla Sky. (Okay, that’s my LEAST favorite Cameron Crowe movie, so maybe not). Djimon Hounsou was in the pilot of 90210, denying Kelly entry to a club…so that counts, right? Huh. Actually, now that I think about it, this would take a lot longer than just watching the Oscars. Maybe I’ll just go back and watch Postcards again.

Or, just wash my hands. Yeah. Make that eleven!

have a good day, everyone!
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