Last entry for the week, as I’m taking tomorrow off for a much needed break. So, to compensate…The Thursday, um, seven! (Because three was too few and twelve too many. Plus, seven IS my favorite number.)

1. I’ve made my decision: I’ll be watching Grey’s, Tivoing the OC to watch after or on Friday. Decisions, decisions, I know. Avoiding spoilers WILL be easier, though, as I won’t be on the internet much tomorrow. Let the blackout begin!

2. Speaking of Grey’s, they’re now planning a possible spinoff with Addison’s character. Which means she’d be leaving the show? What? Huh? Please don’t mess with something that’s not broken. Please?

3. I am in such need of the Dog Whisperer here, I can’t even tell you. The latest thing is that my dogs have decided that they can’t go out at the same time: no, they need separate trips, and many of them. Which means I let one out, go sit down. It returns, I get up, let it in, sit back down. Then the other gets up, stretches, ambles over to the door and then looks at me like, “Um, hello? Waiting here!” It’s like living with Paris Hilton. (Okay, maybe not that bad. But you get the point.) My solution is that when one goes out, I force the other one out as well, which makes no one happy, but at least it’s cutting down on the trips. Sort of.

4. Yesterday, it was actually kind of warm here—in the sixties—and a really pretty day. I went outside with the dogs and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream (it’s my only-in-case-of-seriously-stress comfort food, I should keep it behind glass that has to be broken to get to it, I swear). I sat in the sun and ate out of the carton and let me tell you, it was good. Highly recommended, if you’re having a hard week. Sure, it’s incredibly rich and fattening. But that’s why it works.

5. Still on the subject of eating, I have completely hit the wall when it comes to cooking. I am SO SICK of making dinner, I am ready to turn to Ensures or an IV just to not have to think about it anymore. Pop a can, plug yourself into a line, dinner’s taken care of. No dishes! No planning! Or, maybe, I could just eat Phish Food for every meal. That might be a better solution. Or, not.

6. The Oscars are Sunday, and I’m STILL feeling completely unenthused. My bet is I watch Ellen’s opening monologue, then fast forward through the rest the next day to see the big awards. Why don’t I care? I have no idea. The movies are all good, the dresses will be fabulous, and there’s always Leo to look at, which I never complain about. Sa-woon! Maybe I’m just tired: like I said, it’s been a long week. After a few days off, I might feel differently. Here’s hoping.

7. Finally, a moment, please, for the passing of a show that changed the pop culture landscape: the OC. It made comic book geeks sexy, tough boy angst fun to watch again, and gave me Peter Gallagher on a regular basis, which is never a bad thing. Sure, the last couple of seasons weren’t earth-shattering, but that first one: amazing. Get the DVD, put it in. You will be awed, by the premise and writing, everything. Teen drama at its best. In fact, you can still feel the ripples. Do you think Laguna Beach: the Real Orange County would EVER have existed without Ryan, Seth, etc? No way. Not to mention The Real Housewives. (Then again, maybe that’s NOT a good thing.) Maybe the O.C. is over, but long live Seth Cohen. He will be missed.

have a great weekend, everyone!
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