Today is the last day of February. I’m not gloating. Just saying.

In honor of this month finishing up, another wrap up of sorts. Due to demand, a bit of commentary on…television. Shocked, aren’t you?

NOTE: there are spoilers ahead. So if your DVR is seriously backlogged, and you haven’t gotten to these shows yet, stop reading now. And don’t read the comments either, just to be safe. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

1. Grey’s Anatomy. Yes, the finale of the three parter was emotional. I thought the death sequence was a BIT much in parts, but overall very well done. And I was surprised that they had Ellis pass away, if only because that had been such a big part of Meredith’s story from the beginning. I’d think that she would HAVE to change as a character from here on out. I guess we’ll see.

2. The O.C. Ah, sentimental. Sweet. And it’s always nice to see everyone get a happy ending. Was it at the level of the all-time best series finales (i.e. Six Feet Under, Sex and the City?) No. Not even close. But still, closure is nice. And I miss Adam Brody already. Sad, but true. I did see he has a movie coming out soon, though, with Meg Ryan, and the preview was great. Fingers crossed!

3. Veronica Mars. The latest mystery is wrapped up, she and Logan are NOT together, and now she goes away for a few weeks, replaced by the Pussycat Dolls. When she comes back, the episodes will be stand alone, without a long storyline to keep up with. I’ll be interested to see how that goes, as I think this last one with the Dean was a bit too twisted and not as interesting as the others have been. Still, this is a GREAT show, and I’m hoping it comes back next year. I will miss it while it is gone.

4. America’s Next Top Model. I know I’ve said this before, but this time, it’s serious. I’m not watching. No cycle for me! And if I say it here, I have to stick to it. Or, um, try to.

5. Idol. Am I watching? Yes. Can I tell any of the contestants apart, really? No. But I guess it doesn’t really matter until we get to the top 12. In other Idol news, Paula seems awfully perky and articulate lately. Good for her! (See, I don’t just complain. I am full of positivity!)

6. Gilmore Girls. Every once in awhile, like last night, I get a little glimmer of why I love this show. That last shot, of Lorelei watching Lane and Rory? Sigh. Yeah. It’s still there. Speaking of Gilmore, or the old Gilmore anyway, did you hear that Amy Sherman Palladino’s new show is going to star Parker Posey? VERY exciting. In fact, I can’t wait. I just hope it’s great. And if it’s not…they’ll always take her back at the DQ. (That’s a Waiting for Guffman joke, for those of you who just think I’m crazy right now.)

Wait! Jake Gyllenhaal is on GMA. Hold on.

*runs from room*

Whew! Sorry about that. Couldn’t help myself. What was I talking about? Oh, God, I don’t even know. He flusters me.

Oh, right, TV. Well, that’s probably enough on that topic anyway. Now it’s been fully covered, and we don’t have to discuss it anymore. At least, you know, for a couple of days.

have a good day, everyone!
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