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The Friday Five! (Special Daylight Savings Time Edition)

1. Yes, this weekend we turn the clocks ahead, three weeks earlier than normal. Personally, I’m psyched. Anything to bring spring that much closer, that much faster. Around here, though, it’s already feeling different. Even when it’s cold, like this morning, there’s just something in the air: the trees are budding, the daffodils are poking up, and the ACC Tournament is in full swing. And having it be light until 6, 7, 8 o’clock? I can’t wait. Bring it on!

2. Idol has picked their top 12, and once again there are BIG surprises. Remember when “they” (i.e. the public, but is it really? I think the producers have MUCH more to do with the results than we’re told) cut LaToya London AND Jennifer Hudson a few years back, when they were some of the strongest contenders? Granted, that was later on, but I still think sending Sundance (who my husband keeps calling Sunset, even though he knows it’s wrong) and keeping Sunjaya was orchestrated to make us all go “What?” and then discuss it all weekend. Or maybe I’m just cynical and paranoid, which is entirely possible. I guess Sundance can comfort himself with the fact that someday, a few years on, he just MIGHT be accepting an Oscar. It’s all about the bright side, right?

3. Okay, so I need a favor. It’s for my friend Courtney, who is getting married in June to the awesomest guy ever (present husband excepted) and going to New York for her honeymoon. They want to go to two Broadway shows while they’re there, and in true married people fashion (love that compromise!) they have decided they each get to pick one. I believe her fiance wants to see Evil Dead, the Musical. So Courtney’s looking for something, um, else. I know next to nothing about what’s playing now, and what’s good, so I told her I’d throw it out to you guys, as I know there are people out there who will have an opinion. So if you do, offer it up. I thank you in advance, and so does Courtney.

4. This weekend, my cup runneth over. First, there’s basketball (four games today! Two tomorrow! The finals Sunday!), followed by the NCAA bracket shows. Plus, I have three great movies from Netflix waiting for me: Babel, Half Nelson, and Stranger than Fiction. If I even get up from the couch, it will be a miracle. Oh, well. At least there will be that much more to the days next week to make up for it.

5. Finally, in honor of Lauren Ambrose returning to TV—and because since I mentioned it earlier this week, it’s been on my mind—-I give you this scene from Can’t Hardly Wait. What else could you possibly want for your weekend?

have a good one, everyone!
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