Pretty, right?

My husband brought these home for me from the grocery store yesterday. Let me just say this: you just can’t go wrong bringing someone flowers. Especially if that someone is me. I don’t know what it is, but even just the simplest bouquet, plucked from our yard, can just totally make my day. And sure, on birthdays and Valentine’s it’s really special. But unexpected, unprompted, for no reason other than just someone saw them, and thought of you…that’s the absolute best. And these are just SO gorgeous, like summer in a vase. I’ve smelled them so much that I’m making myself dizzy. But still. Totally worth it.

It was a good weekend all around. My Tarheels won the ACC Championship AND are a number one seed in the NCAA. I made homemade ice cream sundaes (twice!). Plus, it’s Spring Break here in Chapel Hill, which always makes things feel kind of slow and lazy. Less traffic, more parking spaces. Everything kind of more laid-back, you can feel the emptiness. Even though I’m no longer on the academic schedule, I still like to honor Spring Break. I mean, not at the level of bikinis and jello shots, like on MTV—I’m a little old for that—but in a more subdued way. You know, like, maybe a pedicure, or another sundae, in the middle of the day if I’m feeling REALLY crazy. Party on!

Finally, I want to thank EVERYONE who left such great comments (75 and counting) giving advice on Broadway shows for my friend Courtney and her fiance. I KNEW you guys would not let me down, and now, of course, you’ve got me wanting to make a New York trip and see a show as well. Maybe in April, when things have calmed down a bit? Hmmmm. I know I am long overdue for some shopping, as well as a break from the daily routine. We’ll see what happens. At any rate, you guys rule, but you knew that already. If I could buy flowers for you all—unexpectedly, spontaneously, and not on a major holiday—I would. Seriously.

have a good day, everyone!
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