Laurie Halse Anderson is not only an amazing writer (Speak, Prom) with a new book coming out (Twisted, just one week from today!). She’s also a Georgetown fan, and yesterday, on her blog, she pointed out that both of our teams are in the East Regional NCAA bracket. Which means that eventually, they could meet, in which case, she suggests a wager. To which I say: Okay. But, with hesitation.

It’s not that I don’t believe in my team, I do. It’s that I ALWAYS lose bets. In fact, the last bet I made, of which I was VERY sure, was with Paul Volponi at NCTE. It also involved sports, and the fact that there is a team in Charlotte NC called the 49ers. I said no, they’re the Panthers. I was SURE of this! Well, I was wrong. Turns out there is a 49er team, at UNC Charlotte. Even worse? I bet him a million dollars. I was THAT sure. Gulp. Squirm. Blush. Needless to say, it was humiliating, and that’s not even including the fact that, um, I don’t have a million dollars. In the end, I gave him five and said I’d work on an installment plan. Come to think of it, I should probably be keeping up with that. Whoops!

So, needless to say, my track record is not good. Especially with other authors. Then again, this isn’t a bet based on my knowledge of anything, but instead my team’s performance. But I get so superstitious, and we have three games before we even have a chance of meeting Georgetown. That’s a lot of games! Still, if it does work out that we end up facing each other, a friendly wager might be fun. Although I’m not sure what we SHOULD wager. Not a million dollars, please. Maybe we could do like the Duke-UNC newspapers do after their games: whoever loses has to run the other’s colors across the masthead. It would be EXCRUCIATING for me to have to promote the team that just beat us in this blog, though. But I guess that’s the point?

Thank goodness there IS basketball, though, as we’ve hit some serious TV doldrums. Gilmore is a rerun tonight, Veronica Mars is MIA. Grey’s is new on Thursday, but that’s two days away, and frankly, when all I have to watch is Idol, I start to get nervous. I think I need a new show on DVD. I don’t want to do Lost or 24, and all the newer shows I’d like to see (like Friday Night Lights) won’t be out on DVD forever, and it’s too late to catch up now. I wish there was another GREAT show out there I didn’t know about, like Six Feet Under or the Office, just waiting for me to find it, but I’m starting to think this is unlikely. As much so as, say, me ever paying Paul that million dollars. Still, I need to be hopeful. It could happen. Right?

have a good day, everyone!
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