Oh, dear. Sanjaya. What is it about this kid that is so excruciating for me to watch? Is it his truly sweet, but seemingly entirely misguided demeanor? Or the constantly changing hairstyles? Or the little hula dance he did last week, with that sweet, distant smile on his face? I don’t even know. All I CAN say is that every time he sings I have to look away, and when the judges start to critique him I can’t help but mute. It’s like watching someone poke a kitten with a stick.

Personally, I think Idol does this every year, picking a finalist who really is out of their element but somehow is just so innocent—Kevin Covais, that red-haired kid who channeled Sinatra, or tried to—that we all can’t help but feel bad for them, even if they aren’t the strongest voice out there. But Sanjaya takes this tactic to an ENTIRELY new level. And oh, Lord, the hair. I swear, he looked he was going after Oprah’s new look last night (I wish I could find a picture: I’ll keep looking). You can only hope America will be kind to him. But is sending him on really the humane thing to do? I don’t know the answer. I’m just asking.

Meanwhile, thanks to everyone for their TV recommendations. The sad thing? I have watched practically all the shows that were suggested. (Which makes me pathetic, probably, but whatever.) I LOVE Arrested Development–own it on DVD, in fact—and I’ve seen a lot of House, as my husband loves it. But I am adding Dead Like Me and Freaks and Geeks to my Netflix list today, and will report back. Like you expected otherwise.

Speaking of Netflix, I watched Stranger than Fiction, with Will Ferrell, this past weekend and I have to say I really liked it. At the same time, I can see why maybe it didn’t make a bigger splash at the box office, even with Will and Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman in the cast. It’s a great premise, but it kind of sagged in the middle, I thought, plot-wise. I think it could have been a little shorter, maybe. At the same time, Maggie Gyllenhaal was FANTASTIC, and it was so nice to see her playing someone healthy and happy and funny, as the last movie I saw her in was Sherrybaby, which was great but really kind of a downer. If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean. Today, The Departed finally arrives from Netflix (I know, I know, I’m like the only one in the world who hasn’t seen this movie yet) and I can’t wait to watch it. Now, I just have to carve out some time. You know, when I’m not adding shows to my queue, or trying to finish a book, or worrying about Simon Cowell poking Sanjaya with a stick. Whew!

have a good day, everyone!
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