Brief entry today, as I am running late, late, late. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving daylight savings time, longer, brighter days. But I am not actually saving time, it seems. In fact, I am always behind, like today, because it’s harder to get out of bed in the morning when it’s dark outside. Also, I just almost choked on my vitamin. Good morning!

Because I am in a hurry, I’m not even going to try to write a cohesive entry. I’m just going to list all the questions that right now, as I sit here with the clock ticking, are racing through my head. Okay…go!

1. Why, oh, why, did Sanjaya not get voted off Idol last night? Was it the Oprah hair? Which brings me to a related question, which is…
2. How can anyone not know the words to “You Can’t Hurry Love?” Granted, I’m older than this group of contestants, and grew up hearing not only the Supremes version but countless others, including one that is STILL always on the radio, by Phil Collins. And isn’t it in, like, a hundred million commercials every day? I would understand messing up another Diana song, like, say, “Mahogany,” but this is a pretty easy one. Isn’t it?
3. Why did I cave and watch America’s Next Top Model last night, even when I SWORE in this very space I wouldn’t? And why do I think that I will probably now be sucked in for the entire cycle?
4. Why is it supposed to be eighty degrees and sunny and beautiful today, on the one day when I have to be chained to the computer (not literally—although maybe that would help?), no excuses?
5. What are the chances of my Tarheels going all the way in the NCAA tournament, which is how I have picked it to go in my bracket, with us ending up playing Kansas in the final? Did I jinx us with my wager with Laurie Halse Anderson, and now, today, we will be the first number one seed to lose to a sixteen seed? (Oh, God, please, no.)
6. Did I imagine myself watching a show on MTV called Engaged and Underage, which is all about getting married REALLY young, or does it really exist? (Well, I can answer this one: it does. So it wasn’t just a bad dream.)
7. How many more questions can I come up with, sitting here, thereby procrastinating from getting to work?

Shouldn’t find out, actually. Off I go…

have a good day, everyone!
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